Coach JJ Redick Warned About Fake Lakers AD, Future Hinges on LeBron James per NBA Legend

Published 05/15/2024, 8:41 AM EDT

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The quest for an idealistic head coach is beginning early for the Los Angeles Lakers. Darwin Ham, after being given the helm for two years, was bitterly let go during a phone call with Rob Pelinka. Since that very moment, several candidates have been shortlisted. According to sources close to the franchise, the Lakers will hold preliminary interviews with some of their shortlisted individuals in the coming weeks. A task awaits the next one to steer the ship; it could also be as short-lived as LeBron James in LA.

As per The Athletic, a number of potential candidates have already been approached by the Lakers. Among the frontrunners are JJ Reddick, Celtics assistant coach Sam Cassell, and Pelicans’ associate head coach James Borrego. Each individual comes with a unique set of accomplishments and tempting attributes.

The report also mentioned that the Lakers are pursuing a long-term goal with their latest hire. The Athletic further stated how they are prioritizing elite player-development skills concurrently with maximizing the window the franchise has with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. On the contrary, Gilbert Arenas, a massive fan of the franchise, believes that won’t stand true.


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Significantly, it could be a job that diminishes as soon as the King empties his LA throne.

Are the Lakers going to target a coach for LeBron James?


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During the latest episode of Gik’s Arena, the entire cast sitting on the couch discussed the Lakers’ potential strategy for hiring their new head coach. Following Ham’s dismissal, there is disarray and bedlam within the front office. At the moment, their immediate need is to find the perfect coach who can consume LA. Reacting to the three names, Arenas and the crew weren’t fully sold on anyone. They began listing other qualified candidates for the role.

Upon learning that Coach K was assisting in the selection, Arenas’ face turned stoic. Krzyzewski coached Reddick when he was at Duke, and there was a common thought that his involvement meant boosting the chance of Reddick becoming the new HC. The former Sixers sharpshooter has no experience in the realm of coaching beyond the youth structure. However, since becoming an analyst, his knowledgeable insights have propelled him to take charge. Additionally, he is only 39 years old, making him ideal for long-term service. But what if the age limit isn’t the priority?

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“Whoever it is, you’re going to get fired as soon as LeBron James is gone. So whatever LeBron’s contract is; two years, that’s your contract,” he said confidently. Without a doubt, the Lakers want to utilize the time they have with LeBron James. and that means satisfying his cravings, which begins with the head coach position. Luckily for Reddick, he has fostered a strong bond with the Akron Hammer.


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Moreover, James has regularly praised his former rival and even bolstered his case to become a head coach in the NBA. Since beginning a podcast together, James and Reddick have been on the same wavelength. That’s not to say that the ESPN analyst could be the next Lakers coach. However, it does make his case stronger than the rest. The duration of his stay remains obsolete. On the other hand, working with James and Anthony Davis seems probable with the latest developments.


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