Devastated by Terrible Loss, Lakers Legend Follows LeBron James in Publicly Condemning “Heartbreaking” Israel Attacks

Published 10/13/2023, 10:08 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Certain moments make the NBA bigger than the glamorous life it portrays to be. The fans witnessed one such example as many of the game’s superstars united to condemn the attacks on Israel. Recently, a Los Angeles Lakers legend joined the list as he followed LeBron James to express his thoughts.

He shared his views publicly on the terrible loss caused by the ‘heartbreaking’ attacks. His viewpoint on the critical global issue transcended the court of basketball as he advocated for change.

What did the Lakers legend say following in the footsteps of LeBron James?


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The international basketball legend Pau Gasol shared his take on the attacks on the Holy Land. Publicly condemning the happenings, he stated, “The Hamas terrorist attack on the people of Israel is heartbreaking”.

“I am devastated by the terrible loss,” the 2-time champion further mentioned while talking about the effects of the crimes.


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The 6-time All-Star highlighted the negative impact of atrocities on the children of those regions. Pau believed that for the young ones, “the world should be a safe place,” but the attacks changed that entire scenario.

The Spaniard also later pointed out the violation of human rights because of the ongoing events. “This attack against civilian human lives and human rights cannot be tolerated,” Gasol stated.

His words became public soon after LeBron James did the same to express his stance on the events. The 38-year-old called the devastation “tragic and unacceptable” as he prayed for peace in the long run.

This unexpected alliance among the NBA superstars showcased their enduring power to the rest of the globe. Not only them, but the rest of the league’s response remained similar.


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How did the NBA react?

Many players have joined voices publicly to condemn the attacks that took place in Israel. Amidst that, the NBA has taken it a step further in the pre-season. They are hosting an Israeli team, Maccabi Ra’Anana, in the USA during this period.

The second-division team is spending time on a tour against three teams from the league. They have already faced the Brooklyn Nets and are all set to go up against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves. The majority have supported the decision, with minor resistance from a handful.


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As the world goes through a major shift, the NBA is attempting to adjust itself too. The moments such as this extend beyond the hardwood and the fans love to see their icons acknowledging that.


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