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Could Kevin Durant's workout with Jabari Smith Jr. mean a blockbuster trade is on the horizon?

With a reputation as a ‘team hopper’, Kevin Durant can never escape the trade rumors. Ironically, today marks the eighth year since he signed with the Warriors. Even though it was a blockbuster trade, the superstar received a ton of hate for betraying the OKC Thunder. Nevertheless, fast forward to now, he has been an integral part of two other teams and some fans still seem to be sore. As a reflection of it, KD’s latest workout video with a Houston Rockets star opened up a new set of Rockets agenda rumors.

This isn’t the first time the Rockets have crossed paths with Durant. Notably, a few days ago, the NBA world witnessed rampant rumors of them acquiring the Slim Reaper. It was all happening for two reasons, but before shedding light on it, let’s focus on the 21-year-old Jabari Smith Jr. The NBA’s official X handle dropped a video of KD training alongside him in a private practice facility.


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While it seemed like a casual link-up between the players, the fans reignited the trade rumors that had died down. It all began when the Brooklyn Nets traded Mikal Bridges to the NY Knicks. On the same day, the Nets and Rockets had a picks trade. One of them included the Phoenix Suns‘ 2027 first-round pick and two more favorable picks from the Mavs and Suns.

Moreover, this isn’t the only reason for the trade rumors.

The second reason was the Suns’ crumbling financial situation. After the formation of the Big 3, they crossed the second apron tax slab and invited all sorts of restrictions into the side. And, the team didn’t see any success as well.

At this point, the only possible solution was to trade a superstar, Kevin Durant. Thus, the Rockets’ picks trade with the Nets ignited the rumors, but it immediately died down after the Suns’ GM James Jones squashed it. But, it has now again resurfaced after the workout video with Jabari Smith Jr.

Rocket fans unite to “reopen” the Kevin Durant agenda rumors

Considering the Rockets’ surge in the last few seasons, it has indeed given hope to the H-Town fans and urged them to find ways to upgrade the team. A fan went deeper and listed the reasons why he was ” becoming a big Kevin Durant fan”. The fan wrote, “Last summer he trained with teammate Devin Booker and they invited Jalen Green to join them. In March Jalen turned the corner and became a superstar. Now Jabari’s turn.” 

Especially, in March 2024, Jalen Green turned into a human torch, averaging 27.7 ppg. with a high score of 42 points! This fan expects the 3rd-year star Jabari to also have a similar effect. Moreover, this move from Kevin Durant further added spice to the ‘Rockets’ agenda’ rumor, where he is speculated to force a trade with the Rockets.

USA Today via Reuters

This isn’t the only instance. He has already showered praises for the Rockets players like Jabari Smith, Jalen Green, and Alperen Sengun in the past. Notably, speaking of the rising star from Turkey, he said, “I like Sengun. He was dunking on a couple of people, and I didn’t know he could get up like that. He’s nice. I like him.”

Moreover, the same fan had a plan to rope in the superstar, figuring out the trade situation to match the salaries. The Rockets’ recent acquirement of the 2027 first-round pick will come in handy if it works out.

While the KD’s Rockets agenda remains a rumor, the H-Town fans really want a piece of KD. Especially after the 11-game winning streak in March during a hot pursuit to clinch, a playoff spot truly showed the team’s potential. Notably, they didn’t have a losing record (41-41) for the first time in four seasons.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough as the team still couldn’t make it to the postseason. They need an X factor and the fans see that in Kevin Durant. A loyal Rockets fan aligned with the exact emotions had a request to the basketball gods. They wrote, “Reopen the KD to Rockets rumors. Jabari do need to apply some KD style to his game.”


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Many other individuals simply wanted the superstar on their side. And, looking at the workout video with Jabari Smith Jr, one more wrote, “KD to the Rockets !” Even though this might have been out of their love for the favorite side, KD’s team-hopping reputation also plays a huge part.

Most importantly, on the contrary, several reports stated that Kevin Durant isn’t interested in leaving the Suns.

The practice video also raises the question of whether KD actually wanted to reignite the rumors because it’s not even been a week since the old rumors died down. Do you think Durant will get a phone call from Houston? Let us know in the comments.


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