“Get the F**K Out of My Face”: $120,000,000 Worth Agent Gets Called Out by NBA Veteran Analyst for Lebron James-Michael Jordan ‘Goat’ Debate

Published 08/15/2023, 1:11 PM EDT

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Debates about who is the greatest player of all time have always sparked intense discussions. The comparisons of LeBron James and Michael Jordan have fueled countless arguments. Each side passionately defends its chosen GOAT. LeBron breaking Kareem’s record of all-time leading scorer record has further fueled the conversation on who truly deserves the GOAT title.

Recently, the renowned NBA veteran journalist made his list. What followed was a heated exchange between him and LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul. 

Smith called out Paul for his reaction to ranking LeBron James as the second-best player in basketball history. 


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Stephen A. Smith’s Bold list

During the podcast conversation, Stephen A. Smith did not hold back when discussing his perspective on LeBron James‘ standing in basketball history. He confidently proclaimed that he considers James the second-best player ever after Michael Jordan. He believes that this ranking should be seen as high praise rather than an insult.

Smith recounted how he shared this opinion directly with Rich Paul himself. His net worth is estimated to be a staggering $120 million. However, instead of receiving appreciation from him regarding his viewpoint, things quickly became heated. Smith expressed his disbelief that Paul considered this ranking an insult. 


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Smith revealed that when confronted by Paul’s reaction to his statement about ranking LeBron as number two behind Jordan in terms of all-time greatness; he responded fiercely: I said ‘get the fu*k out of my face“. Exactly what I said! I don’t want to talk to you no more.”


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He continues,When you gonna treat like I’m disrespecting a man, who I’m saying in the history of the game that started in 1947; you gonna tell me I’m disrespecting a man by saying he’s #2 of all-time you’ve lost your damn mind. I’m not talking to you”.

This debate is still an ongoing saga

The comparison isn’t as straightforward as it seems. MJ’s “6-0” record in NBA Finals stands as a testament to his dominance. LeBrons’ impressive 10 Finals appearances and an extended list of accomplishments provide a nuanced perspective. The views of NBA experts and analysts are many, with each camp presenting compelling arguments for their chosen GOAT.


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Former NBA Champ, Who is One of Only 4 Players to Play With Both Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Has His Say on GOAT Debate

The GOAT narrative, it seems, isn’t as straightforward as numbers on a stat sheet. Michael Jordan himself acknowledges the distinctiveness of their playing eras. LeBron is entering his 21st season with a championship mindset again.


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