USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

The legend of Draymond Green continues to grow. However, not in a positive manner, as he was ejected for the fourth time this season against the Orlando Magic. Within the first four minutes of the 1st quarter, Draymond received his marching orders. Even fellow Warrior Stephen Curry seemed visibly upset by Green’s actions, with visuals of Curry fighting tears making the rounds on the internet.

Draymond Green has received a lot of flak for his combative style of play and for letting his teammates down with his antics in recent seasons. However, former Warrior Gilbert Arenas has come to Draymond’s defense. During the latest episode of the Gil’s Arena podcast, Arenas suggested that the referees have targeted Draymond throughout his career. He further went on to draw parallels between Pistons icon Rasheed Wallace and Green. He said, “He (Rasheed Wallace) won a lawsuit because of this. Where regular conversations became technical, technical, get him out. In real time, we blamed him (Wallace). Time passed on, we realized they (referees) was cheating and fu*king him over, he got his money back.”


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Like Draymond Green, Rasheed Wallace had a tumultuous relationship with NBA officials and referees. Draymond ranks second in the list for most ejections in NBA history, with 21 ejections. Any guesses who could be ahead of him on the dubious list? If you guessed Rasheed Wallace, you would be right, as Wallace has been ejected for a record 29 times during his NBA career. Wallace even accused referees at the time of match-fixing. But his claims were largely dismissed by the basketball community. However, as the Tim Donaghy betting scandal came to light back in 2007, many came to realize that Wallace’s suspicions may have been justified.

Rasheed Wallace and the Tim Donaghy betting scandal

Rasheed Wallace had long suspected NBA referees of match-fixing, with Tim Donaghy among his prime suspects. However, his suspicions were brushed off by many. But in 2007, Donaghy was caught fixing by a federal wiretap. The FBI suspected more NBA refs to be involved in the scandal. However, before they could conclude their investigation, then-NBA Commissioner David Stern made details regarding the scandal public, stopping the FBI’s investigation in its tracks.

While the extent of match-fixing within the NBA remained unknown, the scandal was a moment of vindication for Rasheed Wallace. Wallace even interviewed Tim Donaghy back in 2021, and it seems like he has forgiven Donaghy for his actions. He said, “My whole thing is let bygones be bygones. We’re all different now. We’re all grown and older men. So, it ain’t about us no more.”

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