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“He Moves Quiet.. When Ja (Morant) Sees That”: Gilbert Arenas Gives His Two Cents On How Grizzlies’ New Addition Will Help its Troubled All-Star

Published 08/25/2023, 12:13 AM EDT

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Despite the Ja Morant controversy, the Memphis Grizzlies built a strong roster in this off season. Notably, the team roped in Boston Celtics‘ seasoned point guard into the roster. Along with him, the front office brought in a MVP player, which instantly triggered a response from Morant, who was inactive on social media. Moreover, weeks after the announcement, NBA legend Gilbert Arenas heaped praise for the veteran baller in a recent podcast. 

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The NBA All-Star Morant found himself in massive controversy in the last season. The star flashed his gun on an IG live session even after a stern warning. Subsequently, the league slapped him with a hefty fine and dropped a 25-game suspension on him. Despite the setback at the beginning of the 2023-24 season, Arenas seemed confident about the Memphis side because of its offseason loot.

Amid the Ja Morant controversy, Arenas makes his pick for the Grizzlies


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The Grizzlies registered an emphatic all round performance in the 2022-23 regular season. The team finished the regular season at the second seed in the Western Conference with a 51-31 record. Eventually, the inexperienced side crashed out in the first round of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the team didn’t carry the same mistake, walking into the next season as the team roped in former MVP, Derrick Rose.

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Featuring in the recent episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas alongside Danny Green, Arenas spoke extensively about Rose. While Green placed his bets on Jaren Jackson Jr. for the upcoming season, the 41-year-old legend believed in Rose. Importantly, he highlighted that impact that the former MVP could have on Ja Morant. He said, He [Rose] moves quiet, and I think sometimes, I think, when Ja sees that, you know it kind of changes.”


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He further added that Ja would listen to Rose because of the legendary status he brings along with him.

Celtics Legend Issues Stern Ja Morant Warning to the NBA: “Has the Most to Prove”


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Just like everyone else, Morant also expressed his awe after Rose’s inclusion on the side.

How did Ja Morant react to Rose’s inclusion in the roster?

Derrick Rose has gone through a troubled NBA career so far. The star emerged as the youngest MVP award winner in the 2010-2011 season. However, the star’s career went into a deep tunnel after an injury. Now, he has made a comeback, Ja Morant couldn’t contain his excitement. Morant, who had been inactive on social media after the gun controversy, came back online only to tweet about Rose.


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