Is Ja Morant Defending Zion Williamson After Adult Movie Star-Baby Mama Debacle or His Grizzlies Teammate? Latest Tweet From Suspended Star Leaves the NBA Fans Puzzled

Published 07/10/2023, 1:16 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Many NBA players are engaging in all sorts of fun during the NBA offseason. However, for some of the league’s top talents, this has been a grueling window. This holds true, especially in the cases of Ja Morant and Zion Williamson. Controversies follow them everywhere, bringing their actions under a lot of scrutiny. 

So, when Morant put up a tweet about “Zwill”, some fans thought he was talking about Williamson. Interestingly, Zion was the number one pick, and Morant the number two pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

Who is Ja Morant talking about here?


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Moriah Mills’ obsession with Zion Williamson is one of the most bizarre occurrences. It came to light when the power jammer posted a photo with his girlfriend, Akheema who’s pregnant with his child. Instead of being a joyful occasion, it became a tenuous event, as Mills revealed that the inside player was asking for intimate favors regularly. Mills kept blasting him for over a month, posting hundreds of tweets against him. 

She has leaked private conversations with him and has even threatened him. He is yet to speak on these charges formally and his version of events remains largely unknown. This exposé has certainly dented his image. Is he getting defense from one of his former teammates?


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Ja Morant recently tweeted that he finds the “Zwill slander crazy” and “can’t wait for la brudda to prove hisself when he gets the chance to”.

It is unclear if he is talking about his Memphis Grizzlies teammate Ziaire Williams, who has had a rather rough start to his NBA career, or if he is talking about Williamson, who was his teammate when they were in the AAU scene. For a season, the Grizzlies Guard was the teammate of the Pelicans Forward, playing for South Carolina Hornets.

Reactions showcase the confusion

Flaunting a gun on an IG story has landed the Grizzlies Guard in a lot of trouble as a repeat offender as per the NBA. He got banned for 25 games. Many former players even criticized him. Of course, he had people to defend him, but it’s largely been a tough period for the Guard who took a break from social media for some time. He limited his activities to other accounts, too.

“LeBron (James)…KD… Are Getting Older”: 24YO All-Star Draws NBA Veterans Into Conversation While Speaking on the Ja Morant, Zion Williamson Controversy

He needed mental and emotional support, so he knows the value of having someone vouch for him. His tweet may refer to Ziaire because he hails from Cali, but some fans thought it is about his former AAU teammate.  But, it didn’t stop fans to indulge in the confusion.

One fan appreciated the gesture, thinking he’s talking about Williamson

Another fan thought this is about Zion

Reading this fan’s comment, it seems like Ja is talking about his current teammate

A fan blasted Ziaire for not taking part in the Summer League 


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A commenter thinks the Wing is a long-term project


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Who is Ja talking about here? Do share in the comments below.

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