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The Boston Celtics played their first game of the season without the face of their franchise. On the road, they were up against another team in California on a back-to-back night. Sacramento Kings’ 16-9 record in the West didn’t matter much as the East’s table-toppers blew past them without any major difficulties. Playing in the absence of Jayson Tatum was a no biggie for Jaylen Brown and Co.

Kristaps Porziņģis and Derrick White’s combination on both ends of the floor proved the X-factor for the visiting team. And that tops our 3 key takeaways of the midweek showdown.

1. Kristaps Porziņģis and Derrick White make the Boston Celtics complete


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Kings’ 119-144 belting at home by the shorthanded Celtics made one thing clear – they are the top contenders in the East. They might just be a game clear of Milwaukee Bucks with a 21-6 record, and 2-up on the 76ers with reigning MVP Joel Embiid obliterating teams, but Cs are a class apart. And Kristaps Porziņģis and Derrick White are the two reasons why. The duo’s dominance on both ends of the floor was on full display in Sacramento. They combined for 52 points and 9 blocks in this one.

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However, it all would’ve gone to waste if Brown did not go off.

2. Jaylen Brown can be the leader of a franchise as much as Jayson Tatum

Jaylen Brown had back-to-back 28-point nights to cover for the blunder he made against Stephen Curry and Co last night that cost his team the game. The All-Star guard shot 11/21 of the field and assisted another 6 field goals. To top that he had 0 turnovers in a game where he saw much more of ball-handling than any other this season.

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That resulted in a ‘plus-minus’ of +22. Safe to say Boston didn’t gamble when they extended their other face of the franchise for over $300 million this summer.


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3. The Kings might be missing that flair this season, which made them special in the last

Watching Kings basketball was a thing of beauty last season. This season, though, it’s been different. They have a good record to show for in the tougher-than-ever West. However, it doesn’t look like their postseason would be as exciting as it was last season. That said, 26 games in an 82-game season is way too early to determine that. If De’Aaron Fox stays fit and Keegan Murray can play like a superstar, like he did against the Jazz, we will be in for a treat.


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