“It Isn’t a Lakers Record. It’s a LeBron (James) Record”: Months After Shattering 39-Year-Old NBA History, LBJ’s Iconic Moment Receives Praise From $500 Million Rich Executive

Published 07/28/2023, 1:06 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

February 7, 2023, the Crypto.com arena was packed and loud. The noise echoed throughout Los Angeles. A moment of history was about to unfold right in front of their eyes. Celebrities, legends, and many others gathered that day to watch LeBron James. With every shot he took, the anticipation rocketed even further. Finally, the moment came. King James hit the fadeaway shot, and all eyes followed the trajectory. As the swish noise hit the ears, a booming roar shook the arena.

LeBron James beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s long-standing scoring record. It was a moment NBA history will remember forever. During a recent interview, Jeanie Buss, the governor of the Los Angeles Lakers spoke on the hallmark achievement and what it means to Laker history.

Jeanie Buss gives credit to LeBron James and no one else


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While speaking to Sportskeeda, Buss spoke at length about the storied franchise, LeBron James, and the uncertain future that awaits them. When questioned about the remarkable moment of February, she lit up. The $500 million businesswoman spoke passionately about the electric atmosphere of the night. In fact, it was even more relishing given it came in a Lakers uniform.

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However, even when it was an easy opportunity to subject the achievement to the Purple and Gold, Jeanie Buss remained humble. While she was grateful, it happened in LA, and with James as a part of the franchise, she solely credited the four-time MVP for the record-breaking achievement.


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“It was great for LeBron to be able to break that record in Los Angeles. I’m grateful the record will be held by somebody wearing a Lakers jersey at the time. But it’s really LeBron’s record and a tribute to him for his career. It isn’t a Lakers record. It’s a LeBron record,” the 61-year-old told Sportskeeda.

It was a liberating moment for LeBron James. A testimony to his glorious 20-year career at the peak of the NBA. He began his career as an innocent teenager who was heralded as ‘The Chosen One’. Not only did he live up to the improbable expectations, James ran through them. Much like his game, he mercilessly carved out his own path, cementing himself as one of the greatest ever.


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Throughout his career, the four-time NBA champion owns many records. But it’s tough to rank those countless accolades above the NBA’s most coveted feat. Do you think anyone in the modern game has a chance to beat the record James will set? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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