Jimmy Butler’s Rumored Romance With Shakira Gets Reminisced by Heat Fans Months After Admitting Friendship

Published 01/01/2024, 11:13 AM EST

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Jimmy Butler is currently away from the hardwood due to a re-aggravated foot injury he sustained a few days ago. Despite his continued absence, the Heat are still managing their way quite spectacularly around the regular season seeded fourth in the Eastern Conference with 19 wins and 13 losses. However, other than wanting to know when Butler will return to the team, the fans have sparked another debate.

In a recent social media, post fans question the validity of the rumored romance between Jimmy and Colombian pop star Shakira. On the thread, they speculate about what happened wrong and come up with some interesting conclusions!

Did Shakira ‘friend zone’ Jimmy Butler?


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On Reddit, NBA speculations can get wild. In a recent thread, user u/garret126 reignited the romance rumors between the two. He raised a simple question in the discussion, writing, “Did Jimmy Butler get friend-zoned by Shakira?”

Did Jimmy Butler get friend zoned by Shakira?
byu/garret126 inheat

He elaborated on the thread by adding, “Last playoffs and offseason, there were reports of Shakira and Jimmy Butler seeing each other. Now, nothing. They still follow each other on Instagram, though. What happened?” During the post-season, there were several rumors that Shakira and Butler were seeing each other. The main reason behind these rumors was that Shakira appeared courtside in many of Miami’s home games, along with her kids.

Since her official split and subsequent beef with ex-Gerard Pique, the pop star was first linked to the Formula 1 GOAT Lewis Hamilton during the star-studded Maimi Grand Prix. After which speculation about her and Jimmy ran rampant online. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Butler clarified, “Just because people hang out doesn’t mean anybody’s dating. But it gives everybody something to talk about, so y’all take it, and y’all run with it. She’s very, very cool, and that’s all I got!”

However, fans won’t stop clowning the six-time All-Star!


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Fans keep speculating on Butler and Shakira

One fan pointed out the instance of Jimmy going emo and said, “Why do you think Jimmy became emo?” possibly meaning that he did so because of the relationship. And another user named ‘Whole_Wallaby_4018’ thought the look was the reason, commenting, “She probably left after she saw this s**t🤣”. One fan had an interesting observation: “Jimmy hit it and quit it. Source: trust me bro”.

Another fan reasoned with a possible solution for all, saying, “They hung out and social media accounts made it out to be something it wasn’t. Plus I think he already has a woman.” At the same time, one fan had a reaction that was unlike others, “I follow sports, not athletes’ personal lives. why would I care?”


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What are your opinions on Shakira and Jimmy Butler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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