LeBron James’ Doping Plot: Ex-Warriors Star Turns in Evidence After KG’s Allegations: “20LBS Bigger…Hairline Gone”

Published 03/12/2024, 7:00 AM EDT

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Los Angeles Lakers star player LeBron James is going strong during his 21 season with the NBA. Even at the age of 39, he is establishing himself as his team’s top scorer and putting up an impressive offensive front against his opponents. This has made many NBA fans question the secret to LeBron’s unprecedented longevity and continued success. While some have attributed it to hard work, others, like Kevin Garnett have reportedly credited it to wrongful doping

Garnett’s doping allegation was highlighted during the recent episode of Gilbert Arenas’ long running YouTube show. During the same, Arenas laid out what he has observed about LeBron James over the past couple of days and letting his co-hosts come up with an opinion by themselves. “I’m not saying nothing was taken, all I’m saying Damn 20 LBS bigger, jumping out the roof, your hairline gone,” described Arenas as his co-hosts let out a laugh.


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Gilbert Arenas is one of the very first people from the NBA fraternity to speak out after Kevin Garnett’s unproven allegations. Along with stating his observations, the former Washington Wizards guard highlighted the alleged poor drug test policies of basketball when compared to sports like baseball, football etc. While Arenas is not 100% confirming his belief that LeBron James took steroids, he is certainly making insinuations that align with Garnett’s claims.

How did Kevin Garnett reignite a year old allegation against LeBron James?


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Kevin Garnett was not the first individual to presume that LeBron James was allegedly taking performance enhancing drugs. It all started back in March 2023, when ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen sat down with comedian Andrew Schulz on the latter’s ‘Flagrant 2’ podcast. During the discussion, Sonnen made the unconfirmed claim that he and the NBA player shared the same drug dealer.

Sonnen revealed that the reason he is stating this is to remove the ‘stigma’ revolving around PEDs. “If the world understood what LeBron did….If you know what these performance enhancers did, then you would know why it does matter,” explained Chael Sonnen during the interview.


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When it looked like the world seemed to have moved on from what was discussed in the interview, Kevin Garnett reignited the conversation. During a discussion with Paul Pierce on whether LeBron son’s Bronny could “get a bucket on Bron”, the latter replied that the young player definitely could since he is “explosive”. This led Kevin Garnett to state “He is, but you seen his dad? His dad on that BALCO, he on that new juice”. And thus, the fire was reignited.


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