LeBron James’ Draft Power Faces Bronny’s Stand Against Nepotism, as 19YO Shows True Professionalism, per ESPN Analyst

Published 05/15/2024, 10:28 AM EDT

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Bronny James has been the biggest subject of the upcoming NBA draft until now. The 19-year-old teenager is battling comparisons with his father, LeBron James, the herculean pressure of being the son of one of the greats, and a barrage of expectations. However, in the face of it all, there is a humble teen who wants to engrave his own mark and make the ultimate leap on his own merit.

Bronny recently made a tough decision over dropping into the college transfer portal. Alongside, he also declared for the NBA draft. Receiving the green light from the NBA’s physician, Bronny James participated in the mandatory pre-draft combine to make an impression on the coaches around the league. It was also the first time the media got the opportunity to understand James’ mentality.

This move underscored how Bronny James has been handling the enormous pressure of being the son of an NBA GOAT. And the obvious question was asked: How does he feel about the prospect of playing with his father? Notably, Bronny’s response impressed Brian Windhorst. The NBA insider spoke about James’ press conference and lauded him for taking the ‘fair’ path rather than using the power of his father’s legacy in basketball.


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Bronny James is his own man and won’t rely on LeBron James


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A shy and soft-spoken Bronny James sat in front of a bunch of cameras to answer questions about his potential NBA career. The standout response was when he tackled the picture of playing with his father, LeBron James. “I would be happy about getting to the league instead of me thinking about playing with my dad. That’s not my mindset at all,” he explained. The former USC guard, who averaged 4.8 points in his freshman season, prioritized making it to the NBA rather than using the leverage he naturally has over his peers.

James’ mentality and attitude were well received by Windhorst and the Get Up show crew. They praised the teenager for being ethical during the drafting process. “His dad could get him drafted. Bottom line if LeBron took a certain stance, his dad could get him drafted. What Bronny is saying is I ain’t going that way,” Windhorst explained. Instead of sitting back during the pre-draft combine, Bronny James was charged up to participate in every drill available. He revoked the angle of using his dad’s influence to make sure he landed a team.


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Evidently, Bronny James chose to take charge of his destiny. It could be convenient for him to simply approach LeBron James. However, he has decided to walk the conventional path and show the coaches why he belongs in the league. And he might have managed to swoon a few too. During the shooting drill, Bronny nailed 19 of his 25 attempts. Additionally, he also participated in the scrimmage with complete dedication and intensity.


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Refraining from a laid-back attitude, Bronny James is now ready to put his efforts to the test. The young prospect has a lot to offer to the sport, even though his decision to enter the draft drew mixed reactions. Bronny isn’t giving anyone a chance to doubt his integrity; he’s standing as an equal to everyone. Moreover, he wants to prove that his body of work deserves NBA distinction. Do you think the junior James will be selected in the draft? Let us know in the comments below.


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