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LeBron James’ 16-Yr-Old Son Splashes Money to Enjoy NBA 2K Despite Infamous “2nd Worst Steam Game of All Time” Crown

Published 09/18/2023, 4:25 PM EDT

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LeBron James loves gaming. In fact, he had a PS5 personalized set released just a few weeks ago. For someone who has been the face of NBA 2k for years, the gaming world has also been a way to build recognition. Naturally, the gaming addiction has transferred to his sons, too. And what better way for a hooper to spend time than playing NBA 2k? As the new 2k24 version has rolled out, the game has taken further flight on the next-gen consoles.

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One of his sons is not afraid of putting in his money. But many 2k enthusiasts think they have been fleeced.

NBA 2k fans feel betrayed


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On September 8th, Take-Two Interactive launched 2k24 as per their September routine every year. With Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete and a solid build, the game had much hype before its release. The new city features give it a GTA-like vibe and the game keeps expanding into an open-world environment. This added another dimension. But in the end, most fans want a smooth gameplay experience. PC users have felt disrespected for years because they don’t enjoy the fruits of PS and X-Box users.

Steam, the major game streaming platform, features many NBA 2k enthusiasts. However, they were left so disappointed by the game, that the rating of 2k24 has drawn a rating of just two stars on more than 5,000 reviews. The game which costs $60 has not been able to keep up its reputation on the platform. As per IGN, this rating makes it the second-worst Steam Game of all Time. The enthusiasm has worn out for many, but not for Bryce James. He has stuck with the game and has even religiously followed the attributes of his MyPlayer. In fact, he has even sought professional help. In his IG story, he attested using the services of Gamer The Plug, owned by Shea Dolan. While sharing his badge profile, James wrote, “shoutout my guy @gamertheplug for getting me right with all my badges on 2k! y’all go follow him.”


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The venture claims to have sold 5,000 copies at the time of writing. Meanwhile, they claim 20% of their customers are celebrities. This business has found the approval of many,  unlike the new 2k24 on Steam. What issues are Steam users facing?


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Steam users blast NBA 2k

Unlike Bryce, not everyone is a billionaire’s son. For many, a $60 investment is a lot. Therefore, upon their dissatisfaction, users have even asked for refunds. They have been so fed up with the game that they want their money back. As per some users, the game keeps crashing on the PC. The PC version of 2k has been inferior to the X-Box or PS for years, but the latest version has fueled a lot of anger. This anger is also a result of fans having to pay for a lot of features, which increase each year.

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The graphics don’t come out as promised and the story mode for 2k player doesn’t load up. Therefore, the game is being blasted left and right by thousands of PC users.

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