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LeBron James’ Son Bryce Snubbed as Scottie Pippen’s 18-Year-Old Son Makes the Cut in Top 25 High School Players’ List

Published 11/19/2023, 5:28 PM EST

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There has been an interesting turn in the dynamic and growing field of high school basketball recently as some top players have captured the attention of basketball commentators. The elite list of budding basketball stars came out and shocked the audience. While one house celebrated, the other was taken aback. We’re talking about the Pippen household and the James household.

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The ultimate “Top 25 High School Players” list, which is the yardstick for upcoming basketball talent, does not include everyone’s beloved LeBron James‘ son, Bryce James. Instead, right at the pristine 6th spot, mentioned Justin Pippen, the 18-year-old son of Scottie Pippen. This isn’t the only feat of achievement Justin has brought home recently. He also brought home three different NCAA offers, and one of them includes an offer from a Top 15 school.

Justin Pippen’s Unexpected Rise


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The incident has attracted considerable curiosity as they question the selection basis behind the ranking of such young sportsmen. As if the spotlight were not enough, Sierra Canyon, a powerhouse in high school basketball, has once again found itself on the scene as it adds Justin Pippen to its 2-0 record.

As a matter of background, it should be noted that Bryce James is also a student at Sierra Canyon School. There is a great deal of pressure on Bryce because of the legacy of LeBron’s great and illustrious career that is constantly looming over him. The question of why Bryce was not included in the T-25 brings light on the political nature of high school basketball.


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With the season, the spotlight on Justin Pippen increases with every step that Sierra Canyon takes. Renowned due to his remarkable talent and basketball intelligence, he introduces novelty while embodying Pippen’s legacy. The budding 18YO player handles the guard position like a pro. He stands tall and proud at 6-foot-3, weighing around 180 pounds. His immense talent is probably the reason he is likely to get more and more offers soon.


Discussions have centered on Justin’s progress over the expectations put upon Bryce James. The fact that their names appear in the Top 25 list, often regarded as a roadmap to eventual greatness in basketball, has further compounded this saga.

Justin makes Mama proud!!

Bagging the spot in the Top spots in the list wasn’t the only achievement Justin brought home. Just last week, he was also recruited by Stanford Cardinal, Texas A&M Aggies, and UC Santa Barbara Gauchos. Of these, Texas A&M stands at rank 15 in AP’s top 25.

The news broke out on X in the past week, making Mama Larsa Pippen proud. She shared the X posts on her Instagram stories (now unavailable) and wrote, “Super excited for your journey @justinpippen. I’m soo proud of you, my love.”


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But the three schools mentioned above aren’t the only ones interested in him. He also has offers from Northern Arizona Lumberjacks and Sacramento State Hornets. Fans and analysts are sure he’s bound to receive even more in the coming years. But will the achievements of one legendary’s son snub the other legendary NBA star?

Well, there’s no official communication from LeBron James, or even Bryce James, for that matter. But not having Bryce’s name on the same list that has Pippen’s son’s name will pretty much not sit well with the James household. The world has a keen eye, set on these NBA star’s sons. The young talent is facing up to the demands and challenges that come up as they grow older in the field. Fans and analysts monitor carefully every single move they make, as they try to make their own path. Comparisons between two budding stars like these are nothing but natural!

However, it should be noted that the future path of these players is hardly inevitable, even though their current performance may be represented as an image of their actual strength. High School basketball is an unpredictable battling ground in which upsets and letdowns determine the roadway to collegiate stardom and eventually NBA glory.


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The Bryce James and Justin Pippen angle makes the ongoing saga of the high school basketball season more interesting and reminds us that in the sports world, surprises are just as much a part of the action as they are a great story.

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