LeBron James and JJ Redick are back at it again this week with the release of their latest Mind The Game podcast episode on their YouTube channel. Fans get a glimpse of the insights related to his son, Bronny James. Together, Redick and James also delve deeper into the latter’s illustrious career, exploring his journey of adaptation and evolution within the ever-changing landscape of basketball. From reflecting on LeBron’s early experiences to dissecting the profound transformations in the game over the years and much more.

However, what truly stole the spotlight was LeBron’s poignant perspective on college basketball and March Madness, where he candidly admitted, “I try to stay away from it but I love basketball”. But, the reason revealed behind his avoidance came as a shock as recently revealed in a podcast.

LeBron James reflects on Bronny James’s college basketball journey

LeBron James shattered conventions by transitioning straight from high school to the NBA, emerging as the top pick in the 2003 NBA draft for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While his professional career has been illustrious, one notable experience remains absent from his journey: the chance to compete in March Madness as a collegiate athlete. However, when JJ Redick broached the topic of LeBron James potentially playing in March Madness, LeBron reflected on his son Bronny James’s recent involvement in college basketball. He admitted that, despite his lack of personal experience with March Madness, he found himself more invested in the tournament this year due to his son’s participation.

LeBron candidly shared his struggles with watching college basketball. As he puts it in words, “It frustrates me. My high blood pressure picks up. I’m a black man, and high blood pressure is not good for us, so I try to stay away from it. But I love basketball.

Nonetheless, his deep love for the game compels him to watch, even going as far as scouting games for his son, Bronny James’s team, immediately after other engagements. This heartfelt response shed light on LeBron’s enduring passion for basketball and his unwavering support for his family’s endeavors in the sport. But that’s not all – he also opened up about his intriguing thoughts on potentially participating in March Madness!

LeBron James drops a bombshell revelation: “I Considered March Madness!”

JJ Redick inquired of LeBron James whether thoughts of participating in the Big Dance ever crossed his mind. James, reflecting on his illustrious career, admitted, “Twenty-one years later. This is the only time, though. March Madness, right now, is the only time I think about playing college basketball. For 21 straight years.” While James had previously expressed a hypothetical interest in attending Ohio State University for college ball, his trajectory always pointed towards the NBA straight out of high school.

LeBron James quickly rose to prominence as an exceptional talent, solidifying his status as the clear top pick in the 2003 NBA draft. As he puts it after selection, “It was great. This is a longtime dream — to finally accomplish this.” Even at that event, James said, “I just think I look pretty good in all white,” It’s worth noting at that time his suit was custom-made by a Charlotte fashion designer. “My guy made it for me and said he’d make the best suit in the draft,” James said. However, it seems it wasn’t much lucky for him as if had he been born just a bit later, his journey might bit different. As in that year, the NBA’s introduction of the one-and-done rule after the 2005 draft mandated that players spend at least one year outside of high school before turning professional.

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