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NBA Insider Probes on a New Destination for Damian Lillard After Giannis Antetokounmpo Reiterated Leaving Milwaukee For a Ring

Published 09/20/2023, 2:20 AM EDT

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The NBA stands as the most supreme basketball league worldwide. Despite a constant influx of new players and departures each year, the NBA has successfully maintained its prominence over time. From local die-hard fans to a global audience, supporters have passionately aligned themselves with their favourite teams. This devotion stems not only from the league’s entertainment value but also from the magnetic appeal of its star players. However, recently, superstar like Damian Lillard and James Harden have expressed their desire to leave their current teams. In a similar vein, Giannis Antetokounmpo also claims he might explore new opportunities.

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While Lillard’s demand has been public knowledge for several months, Antetokounmpo’s declaration is a recent development. Unlike Lillard, Giannis is not actively pursuing a transfer. Nevertheless, his comments have injected a new dimension into the ongoing trade discussions within the NBA.

Insiders dwell on new home for Damian Lillard


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On a recent episode of The Lowe Post, Zach Lowe, a prominent NBA journalist, was joined by Kevin Pelton, an ESPN writer covering the NBA and WNBA. They delved into subjects ranging from LaMelo Ball, the league’s new resting policy, to the upcoming season for Trae Young. Given the ongoing drama surrounding Damian Lillard, it was only natural for that topic to come up. 

Expanding on this, Zach Lowe raised the possibility of other teams entering the mix for Lillard. After considering potential trades involving the Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans, and Brooklyn Nets, Lowe pointed out, “Hovering over all of this is Giannis’ comments last week; reiterating, if i dont sense the Bucks are all in winning, I am not gonna my career here necessarily. I think other teams have really started to have the conversation of – wait a second, if we think we have any chance of being in the ball game. If that actually comes to passing? There is no gurantee bucks fans that it comes to pass at all. It could end up beautifully for Milwaukee, they could win the title, stay, whatever. Do we need to keep our powder dry?”


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Lowe did not actively advocate for a trade involving Lillard and Giannis. However, he believes that Giannis’ comments will open up unexpected avenues in the trade market.

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Furthermore, Lowe probes Pelton about the possibility of a Toronto Raptors trade for Damian Lillard. To this, Pelton argues that any reasonable transaction for Lillard should position him to contend for a championship immediately. Furthermore, he mentions teams like the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat as perfect destinations for Lillard.

Brian Windhorst unfolds a new sight to the saga

As the NBA season rapidly approaches, the fans are anticipating a verdict on the ongoing Damian Lillard situation. Furthermore, with preseason games looming less than three weeks away, the clock is ticking for the Blazers and Miami Heat. Throughout the entire summer, the two teams have delicately danced centred around Damian Lillard.


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Fortunately, Brian Windhorst has brought forth a new development in this ongoing saga. According to Brian Windhorst, the Blazers are insisting that the Heat must completely deplete all of their assets if they want to acquire Lillard.


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One can’t help but wonder if a deal will actually go down. The Heat have put forth offers and have demonstrated their willingness to give up valuable assets for Lillard. However, the Blazers have consistently rebuffed their requests and steadfastly clung to their high demands.

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