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The Golden State Warriors are spiraling down worse than they were after their 2019 championship loss. Klay Thompson‘s heartbreaking injury and Kevin Durant‘s exit didn’t hamper the team atmosphere as much as these past couple of months have been for the San Francisco team. But as always, the hope still lies with the franchise hero, Stephen Curry.

However, even the NBA’s only unanimous MVP is unsure of the team’s solution to the ongoing misery. After the latest loss against the New Orleans Pelicans at home, Curry touched upon the team’s need for a change in personnel.

Stephen Curry calls out Warriors front office


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Wednesday night was a new low for Steve Kerr’s Warriors. It wasn’t just a back-to-back loss for the Dubs in Chase Center. It was a soul-crushing 36-point defeat that sent them 3 games below .500 and has the 9x NBA Champ’s job at risk like never before. So, Stephen Curry, being the savior he has been for Kerr all these years, jumped to save his mentor once again. “It’s pretty evident that if things stay the same … That’s the definition of insanity, right? Do the same thing and expect the same result?” Curry said in the post-game press conference after his 15-point contribution to the horrendous loss.

Curry has been in a struggle of his own. Averaging over 26 points in the season, 2x MVP has put up merely 21 points combined in the last 2 games. The greatest shooter of all time, who lost his 3-point scoring streak of 268 games last month, is shooting 45% of the field in the season.

But we all know that’s the least anyone in Warriors camp would be bothering about. The baby-faced assassin will be back at it sooner rather than later. What needs to be dealt with right now is a change in some personnel.

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Who can the Warriors target?


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There are plenty of options for the Warriors front office to look upon. As the Chris Paul move of the latest summer move seems to have failed, they can package the “Point God” with some young talent and draft picks to lure Trae Young and the Hawks. Dejounte Murray is up for grabs in Atlanta and they would certainly like some Phoenix Suns and OKC Thunder-like turnaround for its franchise.

Another move could be for Raptors forward Pascal Siakam. And rumors have it that the Warriors might have to give up Jonathan Kuminga for the NBA champ, who was an integral part of the team that snatched their chance to 3-peat in 2019.

They do have the bank to trade for players that Curry might be asking for behind the scenes, but who will they trade for? That’s something we could discuss by the end of the trade deadline. But you can drop your suggestions below.


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