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Days after Buying $3.3 Billion Worth NBA Team From Michael Jordan, Rapper J Cole Appeals for Colin Kaepernick to Aaron Rodgers’ New Team

Published 09/27/2023, 3:33 AM EDT

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Hall of Famer Joe Namath reached his tipping point with the current quarterback Zach Wilson. Namath, who has spent over a decade with the New York Jets, quite literally blasted, “I’ve had enough.” Just a day later, chomping at the bit was rapper J Cole—part of the new ownership group of the Charlotte Hornets—making a promising case for Colin Kaepernick’s return. While both events can be mere coincidences, Kaepernick’s letter, as posted on Cole’s Instagram, made a peculiar mention of Wilson.

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While head coach Robert Saleh has staunchly backed Wilson, the Jets are 0-2 in their last two. With last year’s Super Bowl finalists set to travel to MetLife in quick succession, the pressure is on the youngster. Kaepernick is someone who understands the mindset of a QB looking to make his name in football and was reluctant to let his letter be public. But later, he consented.

After NBA, Rapper Shows His NFL Support 


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The New York Jets are in a precarious situation following Aaron Rodgers‘ Achilles injury. They rely on Zach Wilson to secure victories. However, the results have been far from stellar. Namath’s frustration over Wilson’s ill-preparedness came after the latter couldn’t hold his ground after a sack against the Patriots.   

This predicament has left fans disgruntled, as the team appears to pair Wilson with an experienced veteran quarterback. The Jets currently hold a 1-2 record. While Joe Namath didn’t mince his words when he said, “I don’t believe he [Zach Wilson] has a future as a good player and I think they made a wrong choice when they drafted him,” Coach Robert Saleh continues to assert Wilson’s status as the starter while holding the entire roster responsible.


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In the midst of these developments, a quarterback has taken proactive steps to fill the spot for the Jets – Colin Kaepernick. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback penned a heartfelt letter expressing his desire to join the Jets, an appeal via J Cole on Instagram, with Kaepernick’s consent. The letter, dated September 21, 2023, thrust Colin Kaepernick into the spotlight as a potential addition.

While sharing the heartfelt note, J. Cole revealed that Kaepernick initially had reservations about sharing the letter with the public. However, Cole felt the need for people and other organizations to learn about Kaepernick’s unwavering work ethic and desire. After a deep conversation between the two close friends, Kaepernick eventually gave his consent.

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Referring Wilson in his letter, Kaepernick penned, “I understand the importance of keeping him confident and focused as QB1 and I would only look to boost that confidence in any interactions that we may have if given this role within the team. … In a perfect world for the Jets, Zach Wilson finds his stride and shows that he is able to lead this championship caliber team that you’ve put together to the Super Bowl. I believe a confident Zach Wilson has the tools to do this.


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The letter exudes a sense of meticulous planning and thorough research on Kaepernick’s part. He directly confronts the New York Jets’ recent challenges, articulating their objectives and pinpointing the areas where they fall short. Furthermore, Kaepernick confidently underscores how his unique attributes could serve as the linchpin for achieving their aspirations.

Additionally, Colin commits to maintaining the peak performance of their defense on a weekly basis. He goes the extra mile by outlining both the best-case and worst-case scenarios of this induction. Yet, there is a looming uncertainty that clouds over his candidacy still.  


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Out of action since 2016: Kaepernick’s woes persist despite all efforts 

Kaepernick has been absent from the NFL since 2016. That’s 7 years. It took place after his stance of kneeling protests during national anthems to highlight issues of systemic racism and police brutality. Following the season, he became a free agent and has remained unsigned. The instance has led many to speculate that his exclusion comes from his on-field actions.

Furthermore, Kaepernick, alongside Eric Reid, stated grievance against the NFL in 2017. He alleged collusion under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Moreover, he implied that the league and its huge names have tactfully conspired to deny him a spot in the sport. Their filing contended that it was happening due to Kaepernick’s advocacy for equality and social justice and his stance to shed light on racial disparities in the United States. In 2019, Reid and Kaepernick settled with the NFL. 


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Despite the struggles in his past with the league, Kaepernick has been expressing a strong desire to return to the NFL. Prior to the letter, he participated in a workout for the Las Vegas Raiders in May 2022. However, there was no sign of a contract being signed.

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