Rockets’ Injured 22YO Starlet Hysterically Celebrates Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Singing Taylor Swift Song, per Mother

Published 02/12/2024, 12:35 AM EST

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The 2024 Super Bowl victory by the Kansas City Chiefs has ignited football fans worldwide. Despite a slow start, with the Chiefs trailing 3-10 against the San Francisco 49ers, a spirited comeback forced overtime just seconds before regulation ended. Amidst the backdrop of star-studded celebrities like Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Usher, and more, Patrick Mahomes seized the spotlight with a stellar performance in the crunch time situation, securing the Chiefs’ back-to-back titles at the age of 28.

As the closely connected NBA world showers applause on the Chiefs and Mahomes for their spectacular achievement, Houston Rockets’ Tari Eason has found his unique way to celebrate the win. According to his mom, Teroya Eason, Tari has been joyously running around the house while singing Taylor Swift songs. Teroya hilariously shared the amusing instance on X, expressing her desire for Tari to cease the impromptu celebration.


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Super Bowl 2024 kicked off with the 49ers coming out strong. Their defense demonstrated excellence from the outset, disrupting Mahomes and sidelining Travis Kelce for the first half. However, despite efficient ball movement, the 49ers faced challenges in scoring. They managed to lead by only 10-3 before Usher’s halftime performance.

In a familiar scenario for the Chiefs, they trailed 24-14 against the Philadelphia Eagles last year and still emerged victorious. Given that, a 3-10 deficit with Patrick Mahomes at the helm seemed surmountable. Mahomes’ 22-yard run paved the way for a field goal, sparking the Chiefs’ quest for a 13-10 lead by the end of the third quarter. With six seconds and a timeout remaining, Butker kicked a field goal to force a tie and extra time.

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The overtime mirrored the Chiefs’ up-and-down season, but they had Mahomes, and that made all the difference as the clock neared the end.


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Why has Tari Eason been absent from the Rockets’ lineup?

Despite delivering several promising performances for the Houston Rockets, Tari Eason has found himself on the sidelines in recent weeks due to a lower leg injury. The setback has forced him to miss his 23rd consecutive game of the season. Interestingly, what began as a minor injury at the start of the season, causing him to miss only six games initially, has evolved into a more serious concern.

Throughout the season, Eason has participated in just 22 games, maintaining averages of 9.8 points, 7 rebounds, and 1.2 assists. However, his impact on the team goes far beyond the statistics. Eason proves to be an influential player for the Rockets, providing a significant boost from the bench. In his presence on the court, the Rockets consistently outscore opponents by more than 10 points.


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With his offensive capabilities, Eason proves to be a tenacious defender who doesn’t shy away from doing the dirty work to secure rebounds. As fans eagerly await his return, the Rockets are going above and beyond to ensure his proper health before he makes his comeback on the court.


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