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Days after parting ways from Portland, Damian Lillard is now parting ways from his partner of 13 years. The personal matter surfaced on the heels of his professional change that saw him craving for South Beach for most of the offseason. But Dame Dolla eyeing for his maiden championship ring looks unperturbed and totally invested in Bucks.

Despite his defiant nature, Dame’s new life change is likely to rock his personal life.

Dame and Kay’la Hanson Part Ways


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Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson have decided to part ways after a thirteen year relationship. Lillard filed for divorce just five days after being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. The divorce comes just nine months after Dame proclaimed that he “can’t live without” Kay’la and his kids.

Dame, in an episode of ‘Actually Me’ said, “It (marriage) meant a lot to me because at one point I didn’t believe that I needed to be married. You hit a point where it’s like, I am cool with this being my life. This is what I can spend my life doing.” He added further, “My three kids and her (Kay’la) are the people that I can’t live without”.

The couple filed for divorce just two years after getting married. But they have been together since their college days at Weber State.

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The filling cites “irreconcilable differences” between the Lillards that “caused the irremediable breakdown of their marriage.” 


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Other Details

Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson got married in September 2021 in Santa Barbara, California. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Common attended their wedding. Together they were blessed with three kids, Damian Jr. (5) and in January 2021 they had twins, a daughter named Kali and a son named Kalii.

The divorce papers were submitted at the Clackamas County Circuit Court located in Oregon City, Oregon. The filing also stated that Dame moved to Tualatin, Oregon last month. Damian Lillard is being represented by Shawn Menashe.


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Dame and Kay’la also signed a “valid and enforceable Premarital Agreement” on August 30, 2021.