USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

On 1st March, Ayesha Curry announced that she and Stephen Curry are getting ready to welcome the sixth member of the Curry family. The news of her pregnancy received a lot of media coverage, with many congratulating the couple. However, Ayesha has decided that four children will be the limit for their family and does not desire to have any more additions.

Ayesha recently sat down with E News to discuss her fourth pregnancy. During a conversation, Ayesha stated that she didn’t intend to have more kids. She said, “Five [kids] sounds crazy! I grew up in a household of five and that felt like somebody always got left out. I think four is going to be perfect.” She even expressed that she feels that Stephen Curry should undergo a vasectomy procedure after the birth of their fourth child. However, Ayesha playfully suggested that she isn’t quite aware about the intricacies of vasectomy, saying that “The hand bone could be connected to the foot bone. I don’t know!” 


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While Ayesha Curry shared her thoughts on Steph undergoing the procedure, she also indicated that she would prefer it to happen after his career with the Golden State Warriors is over. Ayesha stated that she doesn’t want to “jinx anything.” However, this isn’t the first instance of Ayesha expressing her wish to stop expanding their family.

Ayesha Curry’s motive behind her fourth pregnancy

Ayesha Curry announced her fourth pregnancy through a cover on the Sweet July Magazine. During the interview, Ayesha expressed that she thought she was done having kids. However, Ayesha revealed that she felt her “family wasn’t quite complete.” She further said, “For me, the decision came from always finding myself looking around and feeling like somebody was missing. I would load up the car and think, ‘Oh, I forgot something.’ But nobody was forgotten. So we set out on this journey, knowing that this would complete our family.”

Ayesha and Stephen Curry already have three kids together – Riley (11), Ryan (8) and Canon (5). She has even become a source of inspiration to every pregnant mother, as she has been very busy promoting her film “Irish Wish,” which was released on Netflix on 15th March. Ayesha would be starring alongside Lindsay Lohan in the movie. Apart from making a long awaited return on the silver screen, Ayesha has remained in the spotlight because of her various TV shows like Family Food Fight and About Last Night.

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