Amid Donovan Mitchell’s Knicks Trade Talks, Cavaliers Set To End Ties With Another NBA Star

Published 12/20/2023, 1:21 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The name Ricky Rubio hasn’t been heard of much this season because he hasn’t played a single game so far, and it will likely remain that way. The Cleveland Cavaliers‘ point guard has been with the team for three seasons and this journey might come to an end as sources paint a picture that suggests the two parties cutting ties.

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This comes amidst Donovan Mitchell‘s trade rumors that involve the Knicks keeping a close eye on him, although the Cavaliers are not keen on letting him go, and are trying to work out a contract extension. The Cavs already have a lot on their plate having to deal with multiple injuries, so the idea of letting go of a dormant player like Ricky isn’t too far-fetched.

Ricky Rubio’s potential retirement

Ricky hasn’t played a single game this season as he is away in Spain on a granted leave dealing with personal issues. It isn’t even clear whether he will ever step back into the court again. The Athletic‘s Shams Charania reports that the Cavaliers and Ricky Rubio have been in active conversation about a potential “amid doubts about Rubio assuming an NBA career that has spanned 12 seasons.


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The 33-year-old Spanish player has been MIA this entire season, and having arrived at the twilight years of his career, while also dealing with mental health issues makes it very unlikely that he will ever step foot on the court again, as the report suggests. The Cavs are also at their wits’ end trying to sweeten the deal for Donovan Mitchell.

Donovan wants to play in NY

Donovan Mitchell’s contract expires after the 2024-25 season, after which he will walk as a free agent. He made it clear that he is currently not looking into extending the contract with the team. Maybe that will change next summer, but right now, he is standing his ground. Then there is also Donovan’s open secret about wanting to play for a team from his home city.
That narrows it down to the Knicks, who have already shown a great interest in the Cavs’ PG. Things get messier as we learn that other teams like the Heat and the Nets might also be interested in him, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst suggests. However, for now, Donovan seems focused on taking the Cavs to the playoffs, and the rumors might just be that- rumors. Besides, the Cavs are hell-bent on retaining him so unless he rejects a contract extension, Donovan will stay put.
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