“RIP”: NBA World Mourns the Death ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star Richard Lewis

Published 02/28/2024, 7:39 PM EST

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Richard Lewis, America’s beloved stand-up comic and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star died Tuesday night at the age of 76 in Los Angeles. A proud New York Knicks fan, Lewis was a Brooklyn native was a familiar face at Madison Square Garden. He was always seen representing as a fan, passionately cheering for NY. Last April, Lewis revealed his battle with Parkinson’s disease, announcing his retirement from comedy. After a challenging journey, the actor/writer departed in his Los Angeles home, succumbing to a heart attack. Publicist Jeff Abraham confirmed Lewis’ passing away. Post his diagnosis in April 2023, Lewis has been living with Parkinsons ever since.

Through the years, Lewis graced the screen, portraying a semi-fictionalized version of himself. Now, as the world mourns his loss, his absence resonates further than the glamorous realms of entertainment within the NBA community as well. With that, a New York Knicks update page shared the heartbreaking news with their fans on X, prompting a collective reflection on the past.


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New York Knicks was an integral part of Lewis’ life, close to his heart, which was evident by the fact that he was always present courtside at the Madison Square Garden for many years. He even etched his mark in the New York Times with an ode to the team, calling the franchise a “monumental” part of his life. In his ode, he wrote, “I live for just two things, for the Knicks to win another championship and to find a woman who won’t inevitably find the right moment to pour lamb’s blood over my head in front of close friends”.

Lewis was also a part of the “I Love This Game” NBA commercial, considering his supreme love for the Knicks and the sport. Despite the dampening performance over the years, Lewis was still optimistic that the Knicks would win another championship one day. He believed that there would be a future where Knicks’ championship banner would hang in the arena proudly.

Fans pay tribute to Richard Lewis

Immersed in a flood of nostalgic moments, fans couldn’t resist attempting to preserve Lewis’ memories in the same vibrant light he painted for himself. Post his demise, he was showered with online tributes, acknowledging his vivid career.

One such tribute came from Stefan Bondy, who remembers a memory of Lewis wearing a Knicks prayer pajamas in the preseason a few years ago and wasn’t afraid of traveling miles away to watch the Knicks play the finals.


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Another quick memory recall came from @DJAceNBA, who vividly recalled a 1992 NBA commercial. In the hilarious snapshot of the past, Lewis took center stage, using the opportunity to showcase his boundless love for the sport.

With that, @FanaticShea passionately implored the Knicks to fulfill Lewis’ heartfelt wishes by clinching a championship.

Furthermore, @RegularCedric commended the comedian’s wit and dark humor, affectionately dubbing Lewis the master of sarcasm.

Unfortunately, Lewis did not witness the Knicks securing a title. However, @ur_life_my_ent extended their heartfelt blessings, finding solace in the fact that the comedian, at the very least, witnessed the dawn of a new winning chapter in Knicks history.


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Additionally, adding a touch of personal history, @TMcHC98 illuminated a moment from 1990 when they crossed paths with Richard. The fan shared how Lewis gave them an autograph in their Knicks yearbook. Furthermore, adding humor, the fans claim that Lewis signed off right on Mark Jackson’s butt.


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Fans’ reactions signify that Richard Lewis carved a unique space for himself beyond laughs and galore. His departure leaves a void deeply felt by his admirers.

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