Shaquille O’Neal Adds Fuel to Fire After Stephen Curry’s Smug Knock at  Magic Johnson

Published 08/21/2023, 2:20 PM EDT

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Since his initial journey to the finals, Stephen Curry has transformed the basketball landscape. His innovative use of the three-point line has reshaped the sport and stirred deep emotions among fans. He is crowned as the most excellent shooter of all time. As NBA’s narrative shifted drastically and player roles evolved, Curry found himself in yet another passionate debate. One involving the coveted title of ‘Greatest Point Guard of All Time,’ pitting him against the legendary Magic Johnson.

Players like Shaquille O’Neal and Andre Iguodala have recently asserted Steph over Magic as their best PG. Even though Curry is not recognized as the traditional image of a point guard, the legends acknowledge the impact and innovation in Steph’s game. If Shaq’s viewpoint wasn’t clear earlier, his latest action firmly solidifies his stance on the Baby-Faced Assassin.

Shaq resonates with his claim about Stephen Curry


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Curry believes he is top-level among the greatest point guards in NBA history. In a recent interview with Gilbert Arenas on Gil’s Arena, Steph was asked if he is the greatest point guard ever“. Brimming with unwavering self-assurance, Steph replies, Yes. It’s me and Magic. Is that the conversation?

Within a matter of hours, the snippet captured the spotlight to generate quite a buzz. In a refreshing twist, not many chose to brush aside the viewpoint of the Warriors’ superstar regarding himself. Even Shaquille O’Neal joined in among the fans, expressing his unwavering faith in Curry. He took a step further by sharing a post from @bleacherreport on his Instagram story (@shaq).

Just two months ago, Shaq declared Steph his top take in the debate. Shaq usually has a bag full of cheerful taunts and a persona that fills the room. However, his evaluation of Curry appears to be firmly rooted and something he will back up.

Has Curry really surpassed Magic Johnson in 2023?

Colin Cowherd is a renowned American sports media name. Over the years, he has been the face of shows at ESPN, Fox Sports, and other notable associations. After the Warriors trumped over Sacramento Kings behind Steph’s 50 points, Cowherd believed Curry surpassed Magic in the debate.

“Magic Johnson was not a great defender. He was not a great scorer. He had a very short career. And I think if you look at basketball over the next 100 years and beyond – the three-point shot makes Magic less significant,” Cowherd said on the episode of The Herd.


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Cowherd passionately argued that Curry’s improvement over the past few years stands out. He said his ability to win championships in the ever-changing team landscape sets him apart.

Additionally, Cowherd mentioned that his ball-handling skills set Magic apart at 6’8. He countered it by mentioning how players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic effortlessly bring the ball down the court. He claims ball handling, and the bigger size is now a more widespread ability.


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The NBA right now is much more talented than ever. However, is it okay for evolving skills to shadow the players who once were also genuinely exceptional and extraordinary?

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