Stephen Curry Injury Report: Warriors Star Gives Massive Knee Update After Sitting Out 2nd Half vs Celtics

Published 03/03/2024, 7:37 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Golden State Warriors end their 4-game road trip on a sour note with a 52-point blowout in Boston. The game, despite the final score, was slated to be a tough one as Stephen Curry was initially labeled questionable for the contest due to a knee issue. Regardless, Steph managed to see 16 minutes of action, sitting out the second half of the game. Curry’s partial involvement came from the Celtics’ 82-point first-half domination. However, it also raised concern amongst fans about his health, in light of his pre-game status.

With that, Steph candidly opened up about his condition in the post-game. Despite experiencing swelling before the game, he assured that he had no doubts about participating in the contest. With that, he revealed that he prioritized preventing his knee swell further before the tip-off. “I landed on it in the first half or so, but just a little bang. It was when I lost the ball, I got to back and JK dunked it like towards the end of the second quarter I think. You just want to make sure it didn’t swell up anymore than it already did.”

“But this morning, it was in a good spot where I just had to test it to see if I could not feel any pain when I was out there. And that’s how it went. So, good decision to play, just based on how I felt.”


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While Steph managed to do that, he further shared that he felt a little pain during the second quarter, while going shot-for-shot during the second quarter. Moreover, looking ahead to another high-intensity game with the Milwaukee Bucks, he hinted at being back on the court in better health.

Curry’s questionable tag stemmed from left knee bursitis, a condition resulting from inflammation in one or more small fluid-filled sacs near the knee joint. The inflammation leads to reduced friction between the moving parts of the joints. Usually, the recovery involves rest, compression, icing, painkillers, and little physiotherapy. With that, and Steph’s comments, it seems like his knee will soon enable him to operate 100% on the court, without potentially missing any games.


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Stephen Curry gives the Celtics their flowers

Despite being one of the most talented teams in recent years, the Boston Celtics have struggled to live up to expectations in the brightest spotlights. With multiple deep playoff trips, they are yet to translate their regular-season dominance in the ‘go big or go home’ scenarios.

However, Jaylen Brown’s recent confidence in his team, coupled with their ongoing hunger to win, caught Stephen Curry’s attention. Making sure to give them their due credit, Steph commended their ball movement, shot selection, and spacing on the floor from the current loss. Moreover, reminiscing the Warriors’ triumph over C’s in the 2022 finals, Curry boldly asserted that the Celtics are the best team in the league, and their performances resonate with that status.


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As for the Warriors, they have mounted a surge after the All-Star break, winning 5 of their 7 games. However, their 2 losses came against the Denver Nuggets and the Celtics. This highlights their incapability to hold against the top-tier teams. Now, as they strive to turn over a new leaf on the season, they will need realigned approaches against the upcoming game against the East’s 3rd-seeded Bucks.

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