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Stephen Curry Makes a Bizarre Wish to Experience Being Inside Shaquille O’Neal’s Body: “I Wanna Break Some Backboards”

Published 11/18/2023, 11:13 AM EST

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Stephen Curry will go down as one of the best shooters in the league mainly because of his ability to chef up clean 3-point shots. It’s not a secret that Steph wasn’t blessed with the best height as far as the NBA standards go, but his ability to make room for himself among swarming defenders and take his shots is what makes him great.

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With his immaculate skills and shooting form, every fan looks up to Steph and wants to be like him. But even a man like him is sometimes guilty of wishful thinking. And when asked if he would rather be physically dominating like Shaquille O’Neal or a high flyer like Michael Jordan or Dominique Wilkins, his deepest desire comes to light.

Steph wants to break the backboards every once in a while


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In an exclusive interview with the Dubs Talk podcast, Steph admits he would rather be physically dominant like Shaq because, in his words, “it’s just the opposite of my experience on the court“.

Steph is more of a long-range shooter, while Shaq, thanks to his strong build, was able to drive in and destroy defenders on the way. So, it is understandable when the Baby-Faced Assassin says, “I’ve seen the Shaq highlights, like, I wanna break some backboards every once in a while. That’d be fun.


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Shaq is notorious for breaking backboards throughout his career. Drawing on this, Steph says that he himself has dunked a “couple of times“, but he would love to experience a scenario where he can post up, and know that as soon as he catches the ball, the guy behind him has no chance. That, according to him, would be an “out-of-body experience.

Stephen Curry had to be humbled


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To be fair, the role of a point guard and that of a center is completely different, and Steph is already killing it as a PG so understandably if he can pull off what Shaq could, there will be no defender in the world that can stop him. So, we can say that the basketball gods did a favor with this one.

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How do you think the NBA landscape would change if Steph Curry had Shaq’s abilities? Let us know.

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