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Taylor Swift’s “Annoying” Music Once Got 2 Knicks Players Much Closer During Villanova Days

Published 11/20/2023, 2:44 PM EST

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They say that opposites attract each other and for the Knicks‘ teammates Jalen Brunson and Donte DiVincenzo, this has been the basis of their friendship. From roommates in college to now teammates in the NBA, their friendship goes beyond the hardwood into a very complementary pairing in college. While Jalen was the loud and extroverted one, Donte preferred to be in his own space, doing things solo.

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This dynamic had always worked for the two, who go way back together. Despite their contrasting personalities, they would become best friends and national champions while playing college basketball for Villanova University. Jalen was even honored with the National Player of the Year title during his junior year.

Jalen’s loud Taylor Swift music annoyed Donte


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Donte, being the quiet one, would often keep to himself and enjoy his tranquil moments playing video games. Jalen on the other hand, had an inclination towards engaging in conversations and cranking up his volume while listening to music, which was mostly Taylor Swift. Donte recalls thatHe [Jalen] would play that loud as hell,” which would often annoy him. All through their three years of staying together, this was the chemistry they shared.

Donte also mentions that to this day, when Jalen sees him being quiet and in his own space, he does not hold back from annoying him until he talks to him. Apparently, that’s what best friends do. Both have had careers that exceeded expectations, with Brunson being regarded as a top point guard. Despite facing some difficulties along the way, Donte secured a lucrative contract with the Knicks following his short but fruitful time with the Warriors.


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Villanova vs the Wizards on Friday

Their meeting was purely coincidental; Jalen met Donte, who was already a high school basketball star, at the airport in 2013. Donte suggested that Jalen join Villanova Uni as well, Jalen laughed and said no. Fast forward to the next year, he found himself as Donte’s roommate. This season has been a wild run for the Knicks and on Friday’s game against the Wizards, another Villanova alumnus, Josh Hart joined the duo on the starting lineup.

Reminiscing about their college games, Donte recalls it was really weird for him to hear their names being called out. “They’re announcing the starters and it’s like, ‘From Villanova. … From Villanova. … From Villanova. It was like Villanova going up against the Wizards,” he said. In the end, the Knicks won the game and the best-friend duo would drop a combined score of 46 points.

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What are your thoughts on the Jalen-Donte chemistry on the court? Do you think they have it in them to lead the Knicks to the playoffs this season? Share your thoughts!


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