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Very few players every got the nod to be compared to the almighty Michael Jordan. His persona was unlike anyone. Exuding confidence like him was achieved first by Kobe Bryant, his protégé. Now, it is the emergence of another one cut from the same cloth as them. At 22 years old, Anthony Edwards is being dubbed the ‘next MJ’. Edwards has led the Timberwolves to a 2-0 lead over the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets. The former number-one pick is doing so by completely enforcing himself on the Nuggets. His aura, and the striking look on his face, all compel experts to see him from the same lens they did Michael Jordan.

But how do the players see him? During the press conference, his teammate Karl-Anthony Towns already claimed him to be the ‘face of the league’. That’s the standard they have set for the Wolves’ guard. Even Paul George weighed in on the comparisons. Shockingly, the Clippers forward seemed to be way ahead of his time. He predicted the rich future Anthony Edwards would have in this league far before anyone saw a Jordan in him.

Just three years ago, George knew there was a spark in Anthony Edwards. He’s been a believer in him all along. So, even when others did not see his potential, George was already braising him in praise. After a matchup between the Clippers and Timberwolves in 2021, Paul George commented on the Rookie of the Year candidate. “Strong kid. Explosive kid. He’s got a powerful game, he can do a little bit of everything. He can shoot the three-ball, come off pin-downs, play the pick-and-roll, and he finishes strong at the basket…you talk about a three-level scorer, he’s elite. I see a star, All-Star, possibly a superstar. Sky’s the limit for the kid,”.


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It is definitely huge if it is coming from the likes of an elite PG13. Even though the Clippers defeated the T-Wolves in that particular match, 124-105, his athleticism caught George’s eye. In fact, on his podcast, Podcast P with Paul George, he addressed the spark once again, but this time around, he said what everyone around the world seems to be noting, the obvious comparisons between Edwards and Michael Jordan, and gave his opinion on just how genuine they are.

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According to him, there are many similarities between Ant-Man and Jordan. “You can see their similarities based on their games. Their athleticism, their body types obviously, playing in two guard positions.” He couldn’t help but also comment on their on-court personalities. He continued, “The charisma, the personality, the confidence… Umm, there is a similarity… There’s similarity in their play style, their game style… I think there are a lot of similarities,” George proclaimed.

Now, given all the comparisons everyone’s making around the world, it is only fitting that we give their stats and their play-style a look at the age of 22. At this point, we are going to be comparing Michael Jordan when he was 22 in 1984-85 to the current 22-year-old Anthony Edwards.


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Comparing the 22YO Anthony Edwards to the 22YO Michael Jordan

Anthony Edwards has a long way to go before he can reach MJ, but him leading his team to sweep his competitors from the Playoffs is getting him accolades, globally. He has played two consecutive games with more than 40 points, his playoff career-high points are 43 already against the reigning champions, Denver Nuggets, and he is only 22.

He is eccentric on the court, his dunks defy gravity and can easily puzzle his competitors. He has an amazing control on his body and his skills, even when he is in the air. Edwards has that spark that we don’t see on the court anymore. Probably why people are comparing his dominant form to that of Jordan’s. Because he had all of these skills that we just talked about.


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In the regular season in his time, Jordan was scoring 28.2 points per game, while Anthony Edwards had 25.9 to his name. When we talk about rebounds, while Jordan had 6.5, Edwards had 5.4. And then, in the Playoffs, looking at 4 games for Jordan and 5 for Edwards, MJ had 29.3 points per game, while Edwards already had 33.4 points per game. As for their rebounds in the playoff series, MJ has 5.8 and Edwards has 5.6.

No wonder ANT man is getting all of this recognition and attention from others. But even if he is having a prolific season so far, it might get tougher for him with the added comparisons to MJ. But with the comparisons, we can see he is a beacon of hope for the future of the Wolves. These averages are just a commencement of his peak. Ant-Man can put in the extra hard work and back himself and the work he has put in to ascend to the top of basketball. For him, he is out to create his legacy. And rather than being the new MJ, Edwards is presenting his unique personality.