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Amid Kyrie Irving’s Game 2 meltdown, Draymond Green picked up the mic to offer a solution. If it’s one player who has had it rough in the Finals it’s Uncle Drew. The TD Garden crowd went after the guard throughout the last two games with boos and “Kyrie sucks” chants. Moreover, Irving hasn’t won a single game since he stomped the Boston Celtics‘ lucky logo in 2021. The Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green addressed the “monkey on his back” and consoled him after the Game 2 loss.

Green went live with his teammate Kevon Looney after the Game on The Draymond Green Show. While both Dubs stars considered the Mavs’ offensive struggle as the reason for the loss, DrayMagic stepped forward with a plan of action. Speaking of Irving, he said, “Kai is getting to his spots, he is just missing.” The 8x All-Star only managed to drop 16 points with a 7-18 FG.

After pointing out the flaw in the Mavs’ offense, Green said“Dallas right now has to make an adjustment… actually extremely tough but doable… I think they need to have Luka in the post.” He didn’t stop that. Green further compared the Slovenian baller to LeBron James and James Harden. As of now, Luka has been the only hope for the Mavs at the offense, as he completed 32-11-11 tonight.


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Moreover, Kyrie Irving hasn’t been great from the perimeter, as he hasn’t made a single three-pointer in this series, with a record 0-8 from the arc. With Green’s advice to play Luka Doncic in the post, Kyrie can free up the space with his mid-range jumpers. PJ Washington, Maxi Kleber, and others could take care of the perimeter.

Importantly, the Mavs fans can witness a different Irving at Texas as he of the ‘TD Garden curse’ for the first time in the series.

Following Draymond Green, Jason Kidd backed Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is going through a rough patch. Apart from soaking the heckling of the crowd, he also has an infamous record at the Boston Arena. Ever since he stomped the logo, he has gone 0-12 whenever he played at TD Garden, including the two losses from the series. Addressing that, Green said“I just want to see him get the monkey off his back because you know all it takes is just one game,” after the Game 1 loss.


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While Irving is yet to break the curse, Green found improvement in Kai’s game. It wasn’t only the Dubs’ star but also the Mavs’ HC Jason Kidd, who also felt the same. Speaking at the post-game press conference, he said, “He had great looks. They just didn’t go down. That’s just the game of basketball. Sometimes, you make them. Sometimes, you don’t. You continue to keep playing. He had some good looks that just didn’t go down for him tonight.”

Luka Doncic has consistently delivered throughout the playoffs and even during the two losses against the Celtics, averaging 31 points. But, he definitely needs a step up from Irving to take the team to the promised land.

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