VIDEO: Thousands Jump On Kyrie Irving and His Father as $126,000,000 NBA Superstar Arrives in China

Published 09/18/2023, 6:50 AM EDT

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In the process of achieving global appeal, the superstars of the NBA serve as the founding pillars. Simultaneously, the popularity brings it with its own set of problems, more notably social challenges. Recently, the world witnessed another example of that as the $126,000,000 champion Kyrie Irving arrived in China.

Thousands of people jumped on him and his father as soon as they landed in eastern Asia. The out-of-control reaction from the crowd left everyone surprised as Irving made his purpose of visit known to everyone.

Why did Kyrie Irving visit China?


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This year, Nike dropped the 8-time All-Star following a series of dramatic events surrounding his comments. Soon after that, in July 2023, the Chinese company Anta signed a 5-year deal with the 31-year-old. As the offer made him the Chief Creative Officer of the brand, he landed in the country for a promotional event for the sportswear.

As soon as he landed at the Xiamen airport with his father, thousands of his Chinese fans gathered to welcome him. The crowd could not get enough of him as the airport flooded with his supporters instantly. The Dallas Mavericks star contributed immensely to that as he built up the anticipation for this through social media posts.

Upon landing, the point guard went straight to on-stage events with his goal of revolutionizing the industry. Kyrie is set to play at the start of the upcoming season in Anta Shock Wave 5s until the launch of his signature shoe in 2024. This partnership marked a significant time in the league’s future as the NBA prepared itself for another off-court duel.

The shift in the global market

Anta’s deal with Irving started a remarkable chapter in the NBA considering the situation at that time. This move kick-started another controversy between the two superpowers of the world. With China setting up tents in the USA’s land, more are soon to follow.


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USA Today via Reuters

Interestingly, the former Rookie of the Year was not the NBA player Anta signed. A few superstars of the game, such as Alex Caruso, Klay Thompson, and Kevon Looney, are already with this brand. At the same time, the international organization is looking at a few youngsters for the longevity of the company.

Not only these brand deals but also the appeal China has for the NBA is lucrative for all the icons. Recently, James Harden took benefit of exactly that upon his visit to the nation for business-related reasons. He utilized his stardom to great effect as the 34-year-old sold numerous bottles of his brand’s wine there.


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The latest stunt from Kyrie proved the same again as he steps into a new venture. It would be interesting to see how the NBA reacts to these things going forward as their grip continues to loosen up.


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