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When the season began, the Dub Nation had one lingering question in their minds: Is this the last year of their core—Thompson, Green, and Curry—playing together? Klay Thompson just played the final season of the $189 million extension he signed in 2019, meaning he is now a free agent. But Draymond Green may have fleshed out something offensive to say about Thompson that backfired big time.

During an episode of the 95.7 The Game podcast, the hosts spoke about the 5x All-Star’s free agency options and the probability of re-signing with the Warriors. They revealed how Thompson is “pissed” with Green for his comments after the play-in tournament exit to Sac. The defensive expert expressed his desire to continue playing with KT and echoed confidence in the org to do right by him. However, Dray provided an example that wasn’t appreciated by Klay. “Klay tore his ACL. They paid him $160 million,” he blurted out.

He was talking about the $189 million extension the Warriors offered Klay in 2019 after an ACL tear in the NBA Finals. “I think he took offense. Klay didn’t love that,” the guest on the podcast revealed. They believe Thompson didn’t receive the comments well since it is considered a “taboo” to talk about contracts and injuries. Co-host Bonta revealed, “We don’t walk around, ‘Hey Guru, how much do you make? What’s your contract look like?’. That’s off-limits.”


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“Most settings in the workplace it’s a taboo topic to talk about,” Steiny concluded. Klay Thompson too was asked about it in his exit interview and he initially just laughed before making his sentiments known. “Well, could you imagine if they didn’t pay me after I got hurt? That would have been really bad. Five straight finals and you blow your knee out. Yeah, sorry,” he told the reporters.

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The four-time NBA champion did speak highly of the front office for putting their trust in him, even in dark times. But there is a belief that Draymond Green’s comments ignored Klay Thompson’s stupendous efforts in the Warriors’ rise as a dynasty. It might not have been the Warriors’ forward intention to offend his long-time teammate, but that’s what seems to have happened. Regardless, if the Warriors and Thompson don’t work things out, where will the player go?

What teams does Klay Thompson have on his radar?

It was April 17th when Klay Thompson had his exit interview for the Warriors. Back then, he told the media his wish to unwind and relax before thinking about his future. Fast forward to June and it’s time for business. According to NBC Sports, the Golden State Warriors and Thompson are yet to have any discussions about his future. The Bay is open to the notion of retaining its loyal officer but only at the “right price” as The Athletic’s Anthony Slater reported.

However, with no talks being initiated yet, Klay Thompson is reportedly testing the free agency waters and inviting offers from around the league. Several teams are rumored to be in the running to acquire Thompson, with the Thunder and Magic being the favorites.


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If those two franchises don’t make an offer, he is surely capable enough of winning over the likes of Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets into making competitive offers. On the other hand, the Philadelphia 76ers also have substantial cap space remaining.

Despite injury struggles in the past, Klay Thompson beat allegations of being susceptible to injuries this season. He participated in 77 games and averaged nearly 18 points per game. Yes, the 0-10 performance in the Play-In game wasn’t ideal for Thompson’s stock. Yet, a four-time champion and one of the best shooters, his name is sufficient to lure a team in.

Do you think Klay Thompson is on his way out of the Bay? Let us know your views in the comments below.


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