Minting Millions Without Father LeBron James’ Help, 18 Year Old Bronny James’ Net Worth Secret Revealed by Gilbert Arenas

Published 01/15/2023, 4:10 PM EST

NBA superstar LeBron James signed one of the biggest endorsement deals with Nike when he was only 19. It was before he was even drafted into the league. Over the years, he has made a fortune with his huge salaries, endorsements, and investments. James recently became a billionaire, and he was the first ever active NBA player to cross that threshold. His children will obviously inherit his fortune and are already millionaires. However, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently revealed Bronny James’ net worth.

Arenas recently made an appearance on the Vlad TV podcast where he disclosed some interesting information about Bronny. He even talked about LeBron asking him to scout Bronny.

Gilbert Arenas on Bronny James


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During his appearance on Vlad TV, Gilbert Arenas was asked about Bronny James’ future in the league. Even though there is a huge hype around the development of Bronny, some think he might not make the league. When asked about it, Arenas replied it depends on a lot of things. He then revealed that Bronny could already be “a millionaire” because of his skills in gaming.

Arenas stated, “It all depends. You are talking about a kid who is probably already a millionaire from gaming. What I’m just saying, from gaming. He is a big gamer.” The host was surprised to know about Bronny’s gaming ability and Arenas reaffirmed it. He said, “He himself is already a millionaire.”


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The three-time NBA all-star added that Bronny could sign a better name and likeness deal in gaming because it does not have anything to do with his father LeBron James.


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Bronny has been a member of a very popular gaming organization called FaZe Clan since 2020. He has always been a video game enthusiast and his immense love for gaming brought him to the organization. But Bronny’s relationship with FaZe Clan is not monetary. However, he already has a net worth of $10 million.

LeBron James wants to play alongside his son

LeBron James has been very open about his desire to play alongside his son in the NBA. However, the four-time champion has to wait for another year before his son is eligible for the draft. There is much speculation about Bronny James’ future after high school. While some claim he would play college basketball, some suggest he might opt to play overseas.


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As per reports, he has already received offers from many top schools in the country. Whatever his choice for the gap year, it looks like he will declare for the 2024 NBA draft. It will be interesting what the future holds for the father and son.



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