“Slap the Sh*t Out of Him”: Before Musk vs. Zuckerberg Curveball, Pitting Michael Jordan Against LeBron James in Slugfest Was Dana White’s Dream Matchup

Published 06/23/2023, 3:10 PM EDT

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So, picture this: Dana White, the guy behind all the MMA action, recently dropped a bombshell during a podcast chat with Barstool Sports. They were talking about power slaps (yeah; you read that right), and then the host threw a wild question at White. Well, knowing Dana’s usual responses, this is gonna be good. They asked him to imagine a face-off between basketball legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James. You won’t believe what he said!

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Brace yourself, folks, as we delve into the wild world of Dana White’s dream matchup and his bold prediction.

Dana White’s controversial take on LeBron James vs MJ


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Hold on tight, folks, because Dana White didn’t hold back when he spilled the beans on the fantasy power slap contest between MJ and LeBron.

And guess who White is siding with?


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Despite his respect for LeBron, White confidently declared that Jordan would come out on top.

And he didn’t mince his words, he nodded to the host as he said, “You just think he would smack the sh*t out of LeBron James“.

However, Dana admits that he’s a Celtics guy. But he was so mesmerized by “His Airness”, he added, “Jordan is a f****** killer“.

He sure sounded like a hardcore fan there if you ask me. Yeah, MJ is one of the greats, but Big LeBron, with all that size and muscle? Well, I am not so sure about this. This leads us to yet another matchup doing rounds on the internet.

Let’s look at that too.

Musk vs. Zuckerberg and the MJ vs. LeBron comparison

Now, let’s connect the dots here. Dana White’s dream matchup between Jordan and James has us thinking about another colossal clash: Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg. It’s the idea of pitting two giants against each other, whether in a power slap competition or a high-stakes debate. We can’t help but draw comparisons between these legendary basketball rivals and the upcoming showdown of tech titans. It’s like we’re living in a world of dream matchups!


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But wait, before we get too carried away, let’s remember that this is all hypothetical fun. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are basketball legends, each with their own unique style, skills, and legacy.

Dana White’s dream matchup between Michael Jordan and LeBron James in a power slap competition may sound outlandish, but it has certainly sparked heated discussions among fans. The thought of witnessing these two basketball icons go head-to-head in a completely different arena is undeniably intriguing.


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Who do you think can do it better? MJ or LeBron? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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