$104 Million Worth All Star, Linked with Lakers, Set to Join LeBron James and Anthony Davis Making NBA Fans Candid: “Most Overrated Player”

Published 01/27/2023, 9:10 AM EST

The Los Angeles Lakers recently sealed a fascinating deal ahead of the trade deadline. The team traded the Japanese star Rui Hachimura from the Washington Wizards. Moreover, The purple and gold side expected to have a promising run in the second half of the league as the much-awaited Anthony Davis returned to the hardwood. While LeBron James and Davis were back on the court together, the Lakers seemed to be in ‘the zone’ for the playoffs run. Additionally, a report suggested that an NBA Champion could join the team before the deadline. While the experts considered the update as a positive sign for the Lakers, fans candidly spoke out on Twitter.

Anthony Davis has had a tough season warming the bench with his foot injury for the major part of the season. However, the star finally made it to the court, up and running. Moreover, the Lakers found themselves struggling to rise in the Western Conference points table. Currently, they are 13th with a 23-26 record. However, the recent trade update regarding the $104 Million star could turn things around for the Lakers.

Fans get candid on the possible addition to LeBron James & Co


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According to a Marc Stein article, the Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet could be traded to the Lakers ahead of the trade deadline. As the report suggested, the star was expected to sign with Klutch Sports, a sports agency owned by LeBron James’ friend. VanVleet signed a massive $114 Million contract with the Raptors in 2016 after going undrafted in the 2016 NBA draft. The point guard averages 14.2 in 388 games. While the reports suggested that the All-Star’s addition would make a huge difference to the side, fans had varied opinions on the star.


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NBACentral, a sports Twitter handle shared the trade report with a tweet. Following the tweet, the fans swarmed the comments with their opinions. One user said, “most overrated player in the NBA btw.” Following are some reactions from the NBA Twitter.


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AD, on his return to the hardwood, scored 21 points, 12 rebounds, and 1 assist in 20 minutes of playtime against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday.

The Rui Hachimura trade disappoints Lakers’ star

On 23rd January, the Lakers traded Kendrick Nunn for Rui Hachimura to the Wizards. While the trade could add much depth to the side, guard Dennis Schroder was visibly disappointed with the announcement. Schroder was on Live stream when the trade news came out. Reacting to the news, he said, “Wait, for Kendrick Nunn?..It’s crazy man. NBA is a business. Insane.”


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