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32-Year-Old Millionaire on Michael Jordan Earning Just $12 per Shoe: “That’s a Lot of Money. That’s $150 Million per Year”

Published 01/05/2022, 10:30 AM EST

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Exploits of Michael Jordan on the basketball court need no introduction. Considered one of the greatest to ever play the game, he has 6 NBA Championships to his name among the various other individual accolades.

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Jordan’s business ventures and endorsements are equally impressive. His iconic Jordan shoes play an important role in Jordan having a huge net worth. His shoes have a separate fan base, and not only fans but even celebrities try it. Millionaire Shawn Cotton recently commented on Jordan shoes.

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Shawn Cotton talks about Jordan shoes


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Cotton is a millionaire blogger and entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of popular entertainment blog, Say Cheese TV dedicated to Hip-Hop culture and artists.

In a recent interview, Shawn Cotton talked about Michael Jordan’s shoe venture and the profits he earns from them. The interviewer asks Cotton about the Jordan shoes and a study his website posted. His website had posted how much Jordan makes from one shoe.


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Shawn Cotton says, “He gets 5% per shoe. Jordan is getting around 10-12 dollars per shoe and he is selling millions. That’s $150 million per year. That’s a lot of money and a lot of people were looking at it and they were like, why is he getting only five percent ?

He adds, “Well, he is not making the shoe. His name is on it. You know what I mean.” Cotton mentions the fact that Jordan makes around $150 million per year just for having his name on the shoe! That’s some crazy brand value.

Michael Jordan and his iconic shoe line

The partnership of Jordan and Nike started all the way back in 1984 when a young Michael Jordan signed a deal with the brand. The deal would earn Jordan around $2.5 million, which was huge considering the fact that MJ was yet to prove himself on the big stages.

Nike used a very unique strategy to popularize their sneakers. The NBA had banned Jordan from wearing the original Air Jordan for not complying with rules.

Jordan wore them anyway and faced a $5,000 fine every game. Nike happily paid the fines which ultimately helped their sneaker to reach every household watching Michael Jordan play.


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This iconic sneaker went on to become one of the most profitable shoe lines in the world. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan earned around $130 from Jordan shoes.


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Although the debate surrounding who the GOAT on the court might still not be clear, it is pretty evident who the GOAT outside of the basketball court is.

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