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5x NBA Champion Dennis Rodman Confessed How Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Irked Him Into Losing His Body Fat: “How Do You Guys Stay So Lean..”

Published 09/09/2022, 6:30 AM EDT

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The Chicago Bulls had become one of the most successful franchises in the 1990s as Michael Jordan led his troops. However, after his retirement, Scottie Pippen and co. weren’t able to replicate his cold killer instinct. Two years later, the then reigning best player in basketball made his return, and the Bulls brought along a player who would become a pivotal part of the history of the Bulls. Notably, defensive specialist Dennis Rodman became the third member of the Bulls’ killer trio.

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Outside the NBA, there were rumors that the deadly trio was not on close terms. However, when the Bulls jersey was on their backs, the trio became one single system. All three of Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman had one thing in common, an undying hunger to win. Likewise, they led the Bulls to yet another historic three-peat, solidifying a dynasty that remains among the greatest in NBA history.


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However, to become ruthless winners on the court, Dennis Rodman, His Airness, and Scottie Pippen all had to compete with each other every single day. Throwing light on his relationship with the two greats, the Worm remembered the time when every practice session was a competition.

Dennis Rodman wanted to win against Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

Despite being vastly different personalities, the Bulls trio had the same ambition for success. Every day, Rodman, Jordan, and Pippen wanted to be winners. It even went as far as the three having a body fat competition between themselves every single day. The two-time Defensive Player of The Year spoke about their insane regiments and competitiveness which molded them into an undefeatable force.

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Rodman said: “We had a bet every day that who has the lowest body fat.” The five-time champion continued, “Mike would be like 3.2%, Scottie would be like 3.3% and I would be like 3.4%. But every day we switch. And people would say, ‘How you stay so lean and so cut up?’. Because we had that regiment, that mindset, that routine. Every day we wanted to win, we wanted to be competitive, to go out there and show people that we may be 215, 220, or 210, but we are very strong, very lean, and very agile.”


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It was this spirit of sheer competitiveness that would eventually propel the Chicago Bulls to once again be champions. In Rodman’s very first season, Chicago began their ascent back to the top. A second three-peat came in as Michael Jordan was back to his peak. The monster trio led the franchise in 1996 to the then-best regular season record in NBA history. While they stayed together for just three years, the Bulls were at the apex of their powers with all three on the court.

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Their track record brought out the importance of Dennis Rodman to the side and his impact on making the team great once again. Despite never being a blockbuster player like Michael Jordan, the Worm had his eyes set on winning. And his work ethic never failed to impress.

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