A while ago on the Pivot Podcast, Shaquille O’Neal assumed full responsibility for the failure of his marriage with ex-wife Shaunie Henderson. He claimed to have been in the wrong through the years of their marriage as he failed to protect her in times of need. Shaq further admitted, “She was awesome, she really was. It was all me.” Meanwhile, recently, Shaunie opened up about Shaq’s confessions and her storied past during a VH1 feature.

After five years of being married, Shaq and Shaunie’s divorce was finalized in 2011. The pair have four children together. While their divorce was a public affair, the duo managed to remain good friends and amicable co-parents. With that said, Shaunie recently opened up about the challenges she faced during the divorce. She also spoke about her reaction to Shaq’s confession.


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Shaunie opens up about her past with Shaquille O’Neal

On her VH1 show, Shaunie & Keion’s Destination “I Do”, Shaunie stated that she is thankful that Shaquille O’Neal took responsibility for the downfall of their relationship. However, she said, “I just maybe wish it had happened a long time ago.”

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Subsequently, Shaunie explained that while she was happy with Shaq’s confession, it brought back a lot of tough memories. She specified that the public had blamed her for the failed marriage. Further, Shaunie was also accused of infidelity and stealing Shaq’s money. “Having affairs and being accused of stealing money-all types of things people were saying,” she said.

She added, “I needed him to stand up for me then.” However, Shaunie doesn’t hold anything against Shaq because she is in a happier place now. The former executive producer of Basketball Wives also mentioned that Shaq’s confession was something the kids needed so that they could get closure and understand the whole picture.

Shaunie has moved on

While being good friends with Shaq, Shaunie has moved on. She recently married Pastor Keion Henderson in a beautiful destination wedding. In an interview with People Magazine, Shaunie said, “Honestly I’m the person that thought I would never in my lifetime experience a love like this.” 


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On the other hand, the Big Diesel is happy for her. In fact, he also extended his best wishes to the new couple in his podcast a while ago. While Shaq hasn’t met Shaunie’s husband, Shaunie did extend a wedding invitation to him.

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However, on the VH1 show, she stated that she didn’t mean it. With that said, she was certain that Shaq will not attend the wedding because he told her, “No, that’s your day.” 


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