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The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament has undoubtedly packed a punch this year. With some dominating performances, momentum-shifting games, and upsets being pulled off, March Madness surely is living up to its name as the teams enter the latter stages of the tournament. Considering that many NBA stars have played at this prestigious tournament with their college teams, they are as interested in the tournament as the fans are. And that was the case again as Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum was glued to his screen as a major upset took place on Saturday.

In a big upset, the Duke Blue Devils lost to the Tennessee Volunteers, which led to Jayson Tatum’s teammate trolling him in the locker room. For those who do not know, the Boston Celtics star is a Duke alumnus. Whereas, his teammate Grant Williams is from Tennessee. So, it must’ve been hard for the 4x NBA All-Star to see his former team lose in the second round of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Grant Williams and Jayson Tatum fight over their roots


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If the loss of Duke wasn’t enough, Tatum’s teammate Grant Williams decided to rub salt in his wounds. In a video uploaded by the official Instagram page of SportsCenter, the two teammates could be seen sitting in the locker room.



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As Tatum watched Duke’s fate get sealed, Williams decided to poke the bear. He called Tatum and when the three-time All-Star looked over, Williams said, “F**k Duke.” Tatum could say or do nothing but smile and nod his head in disbelief. 

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Fans had a field day in the comments section, trolling both Celtics teammates. One fan commented, “Bruh..he ain’t passing him the rock.”

Whereas another fan dropped a comment, “Yeah, dude’s gonna be on another team real quick. He thinks it’s a joke, but Jason’s serious. That’s why he didn’t say anything. He just looked at him and shook his head.”

Here are a few more reactions from fans on Instagram.

“I hope Grant got his passport ready. He on his way to China and he don’t know it.”


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“Grant is going to Charlotte for 2 second rounders and a tube of toothpaste.”

“Jason seems like hes the type of guy that lifts up instead of tearing down. Grant seems like hes the type of guy that tears down to lift himself up.”

“Tatum looking at grant like he didn’t miss 2 free throws and Cost the game for the Celtics.”


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Hopefully, this does not affect the chemistry between the two. What are your thoughts on the friendly banter between Tatum and Williams? Let us know in the comments.