Amid Latest Ja Morant Update, On-Court Violence Leaves ’’Out of Control’’ Grizzlies Distraught as Fans Rip the Team to Shreds

Published 03/16/2023, 12:06 AM EDT

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Considering the incidents revolving around its players, the Memphis Grizzlies are one of the most criticized teams this season. Ever since the Ja Morant gun incident, fans believe the team is doomed to fall short in their pursuit of a championship. Another dislikable incident involving a Grizzlies guard has caught the attention of the NBA world. In their game against the Miami Heat today, the 24-year-old Memphis star got ejected after a rough play.

Fans have started to compare the current Grizzlies to the 90s Detroit Pistons team, considering the physical plays and trash-talking. 2016 NBA champion, Kevin Love was the unfortunate victim of the aggressive intent shown by Memphis. Fans didn’t appreciate the play and trashed the Grizzlies for their continued boisterous basketball.

Grizzlies star thrown out of the game after cheap shot


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24-year-old guard, Desmond Bane, was ejected after his physical play on veteran Kevin Love on Wednesday. After taking a strike to his genitals, Love was seen suffering from pain, falling to the ground. The referees, who initially called a foul on the 6’8 veteran, instantly switched the call to an offensive foul. Further, after several reviews, Bane was thrown out of the game.


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Though the intention of the shooting guard is unclear, the unfavorable situation of the Grizzlies has led to fans bemoaning the young team. Ja Morant, who was initially suspended for two games by the Grizzlies due to the gun incident, has seen his ban extended to eight games by the NBA. The league commissioner Adam Silver took the decision after having a conversation with the 23-year-old

Fans believe the Grizzlies this season have indulged in several physical plays similar to the one against the Heat. The incident led fans to compare the team to the 90s Detroit Pistons from the Jordan era. Here are some of the fans’ reactions to Desmond Bane’s play: 

Damn man, the Grizzlies are out of control”

“The Ja Morant effect”

“He been hanging out with Dillion brooks too much”

“Grizz trying too hard to be the new bad boys”

“The grizzlies are the modern day Detroit Pistons”


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“Grizzlies are really the new pistons from the 90’s”

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo shine in a huge win

The short-handed Grizzlies, without their main star Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke, suffered a 138-119 loss to the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler‘s 23 points and Bam Adebayo‘s 26 points helped the team easily overcome the Grizzlies. It was a much-needed win for Miami as they continue to push for an automatic Playoffs spot.


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Though the Grizzlies currently sit comfortably as the 3rd seed in the West, fans predict the team might have a downfall in the postseason, considering their situation lately. With Ja Morant expected to be back sooner rather than later, do you think the Grizzlies can go all the way this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 



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