Bishop TD Jakes, Who Is Facing Backlash After Saying “Women Are Being Raised as Men”, Finds Support From Shaquille O’Neal

Published 07/30/2022, 10:30 PM EDT

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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is not usually the type to keep quiet on an issue. If Shaq wants to address an issue, he does that without fear and remorse.

Fans all around the world usually get a taste of Shaq’s opinions on Inside the NBA and on his podcast, The Big Shaq Podcast. On the recent episode of Shaq’s podcast, the four-time champion gave his thoughts regarding a trending issue. 

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Bishop T.D. Jakes made headlines around the world with his take on how women are raised. During a Father’s Day sermon, Jakes talked about how people are losing their families because women are not accepting their feminity in today’s modern society. 


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He further said, “This breaks all sociological orders of the culture we’re living in now. Because we are raising up women to be men! And you are not applauded for your femininity.” 

You are applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are. And you’re climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families!“, said Jakes. 

Safe to say, he managed to cause headlines all around the world with his views regarding the topic. Interestingly enough, Shaquille O’Neal gave his thoughts on Jakes. He said, “I think he was talking about certain women in their vocabulary, how they communicate.”

Shaquille O’Neal is fearful of getting canceled


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Although Shaq might be one of the loudest voices when it comes to trending topics, he is also scared of cancel culture. He once talked about how times have changed and people cannot talk the way people used to talk before. 


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O’Neal said, “Times are different. You can’t say things like you used to could say.” Interestingly enough, O’Neal has faced the wrath of the media and the fans regarding his comments on multiple occasions. However, this does not stop him from expressing his opinions.


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