Dallas Mavericks 2021-22 NBA Roster: Will Reggie Bullock’s Arrival and Luka Doncic’s Long Term Commitment Help the Mavs?

Published 08/12/2021, 1:30 AM EDT

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The Mavericks are synonymous with Luka Doncic today. If not for the Slovenian, there’s nothing that can shoulder Mark Cuban’s bid for a 2011-like success. And yet, Luka’s last three years with the team have barely helped them enter the postseason twice. So what are they doing differently in preparation for the upcoming season?

Well, nothing substantial (from a roster perspective). The Mavs are using the same strategies and hoping for a better solution. They’ve surely brought the former Mavericks back in the executive roles, but their off-season has seen nothing huge apart from the much-anticipated Luka contract extension.


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Incoming players

Sterling Brown

The Mavs signed free agent Sterling Brown as a prolific shooter that can help them with a Seth Curry-like job role. The 26-YO guard has a $6.2 million 2-year contract with the Mavs in the hope to benefit their bench.


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Reggie Bullock

Former Knicks guard, Reggie became the Mavs’ first choice as soon as free agency began. Obviously, he is not an All-Star name but he can average in double-figure and also shoot at 40%+ from the perimeter to help the Mavs against WC teams like Blazers & Warriors. His starter minutes can help new coach Jason Kidd to formulate a better rotation.

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Moses Brown

Finally, a big man addition to their roster is 7’2” tall Moses Brown. He can help big time with the defensive depth of the team as the youngster proved a lethal weapon for OKC last season. 

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Outgoing players

The Mavs are more or less the same roster in 2021-22 and they’ve kept players from leaving the organization. The franchise re-signed Boban Marjanovic for a $7 million 2-year contract. They’ve also re-signed Tim Hardaway for a $75 million 4-year deal. Now, it remains to be seen if they’re willing to give up anything to complete a starry trade. Remember that they could not sign Goran Dragic even after much hype in his friendship with Luka.

Dallas Mavericks 2021-22 NBA Roster


Kristaps Porzingis

Maxi Kleber

Dwight Powell

Dorian Finney-Smith

Willie Cauley-Stein

Boban Marjanovic

Moses Brown

Nate Hinton


Luka Doncic

Trey Burke

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Jalen Brunson

Tyrell Terry


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Sterling Brown

Reggie Bullock

Josh Green


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Currently, talks are going on if Lauri Markkanen can head to Dallas. But in all probabilities, the squad is going to stay the same. Now, the eye would be on how Luka’s $207 million extension, a new coach, and a new GM can help them turn their fate. Can the Mavs rebuild their lost chemistry and reap the most out of Kristaps Porzingis? Help us know what you think in the comments below.

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