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Damian Lillard, Trae Young and More: How Black Panther, Batman and Toy Story Inspired NBA’s Halloween Celebrations

Published 11/01/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

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The spooky season is officially here, and the NBA is all part of it. The holiday of Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays in the world. People get the chance to show off their creativity and dress as some of the most iconic characters. Likewise, this season, several NBA stars took it up a notch. These include names such as Damian Lillard, James Harden, Trae Young, Grant Williams, and more.

Over the years, the NBA has formed a tradition during the scary season. NBA stars come in dressed up like the characters they love. And it is nothing short of a competition. Some NBA players have shown up with some of the greatest costumes. Last season, Los Angeles Lakers megastar LeBron James put on arguably one of the most detailed gimmicks coming in as Freddy Krueger.


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While many others sit beside him to compete for the title of the best costume, more nominations might have popped up this season. Here is a look at stars such as Damian Lillard and James Harden getting spooky for the season.

Damian Lillard as Woody, Trae Young as Black Panther, and more NBA stars celebrate Halloween

Charlotte Hornets’ Terry Rozier did justice to his nickname by dressing up as a mixture of frightening personalities. Scary Terry was a combination of horror characters Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. However, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the element of Scary Terry himself.

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Trae Young broke the internet with his Halloween fit. His costume of the choice was the Marvel hero of Wakanda. Young hit money turning up with a Black Panther mask on his face and an icy chain on his neck. However, there was a battle between superstars as Boston Celtics’ Grant Williams took his role quite seriously.

Jumping into another verse, the Celtics sharpshooter came in as DC’s Batman after a win against the Washington Wizards. While mostly seen on the streets of Gotham, the 23-year-old tried his best to impersonate the character. Hence, along with the complete attire, Williams also tweaked his voice to be deep like the hero. His teammate, Jayson Tatum had an incredibly hilarious reaction as he said: “Man what the f**k is you doing”.



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Pascal Siakam was also in the holiday spirit wearing an iconic vest jacket with a tank top in honor of 50 Cent. Moreover, James Harden also appeared to showcase his outfit after a successful road trip. However, there was one superstar who took a completely different approach this season. That was none other than one of the hottest scorers in the NBA right now, Damian Lillard.

A cold killer, Lillard came in as WWE Hall of Famer, Steve Austin in 2018. With a championship belt in hand and the 3:16 t-shirt, the Texas Rattle Snake came to stun the NBA. But this year, he dressed up as a family. Likewise, the Lillard household brought Toy Story to life with the four dressing up as all the characters for an adorable frame.


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With the variety of Halloween costumes, which NBA star had the best one? Let us know your views in the comments below.



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