Days after Billionaire Owners’ Toilet Flex, Clippers’ $1,200,000,000 Fortress Has NBA Star Paul George On Cloud Nine

Published 03/15/2023, 6:10 AM EDT

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Over the past few years, Los Angeles Clippers have taken major steps in order to get out from their rivals, the Lakers’ shadow. While their performances on the court have massively improved in the last decade, their off-court presence has also increased substantially. The Clippers officially revealed their new arena located in Inglewood a week back. Star forward Paul George recently shared his thoughts on the new arena. The Clippers star’s excitement at the prospect of playing in the new arena was palpable.

On his show, ‘Podcast P with Paul George” the 6’8 forward sat down with his co-hosts to talk about basketball and more. George commended Clippers‘ owner, Steve Ballmer, for making sure the franchise had a state-of-the-art arena. The billionaire owner has improved the franchise’s fortunes ever since purchasing the team in 2014.

Steve Ballmer proudly boasted about the number of toilets in the arena


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Ballmer has always offered tremendous support to the team. After his 14-year tenure as the Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, Ballmer decided to invest his earnings in the LA franchise.



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Extending on his role, Ballmer has made frequent appearances for games to cheer his team from courtside. The 66-year-old also attended their latest game to watch his team defeat the New York Knicks

After years of sharing their home court with the Los Angeles Lakers, Steve Ballmer decided to use a part of his $83.3 billion net worth to get the Clippers their own home court. The players of the team were recently invited to get a sneak peek at the massive arena, which is in progress. Furthermore, Ballmer flexed the number of toilets and urinals that will be constructed in the arena.

Paul George shared his excitement for the new Clippers arena


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Adding to the owner’s flex, George shared his first-hand experience in the podcast. PG mentioned, “It was nice like to see it starting to come together.”

George continued, “The roof is on top of it, and the structure inside is built out, like all of it is still metal and concrete so nothing is really applied in it yet, but you know we can see the space where everything is going to be there.”


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The 8x All-Star further stated, “There’s five full-court basketball courts in there” revealing how huge the stadium is. “Our parking is underground, we got our own special VIP parking but then he[Ballmer]’s got two other separate big structures for parking,” PG added. Moreover, George also revealed the arena will open in 2024. Now the Clippers fans are eager to witness the new stadium in Inglewood. What are your thoughts on the new Clippers arena? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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