Dennis Rodman Faces March Madness Heartbreak as Son’s Valiant Efforts Are Not Enough

Published 03/17/2023, 4:27 PM EDT

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The NBA season is currently at its exciting peak, but it faces some tough competition in the basketball world at the moment. The annual NCAA Division I tournament, March Madness has taken over the basketball scene in the country. Fans have been pouring in to see future NBA stars battling it out for the crown of the best college basketball team in the country. However, one NBA legend would not be too happy with the recent developments in the tournament. Former Chicago Bulls superstar Dennis Rodman.

Rodman, who was a product of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is pretty well-versed in college basketball. However, this recent 2023 March Madness matchup would surely be a reason for heartbreak for the 61-year-old Hall Of Famer.

Dennis Rodman’s son suffers heartbreak in March Madness despite strong efforts


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A few nights ago, Eastern Washington Eagles created history by winning their second postseason Division I game against the Washington State Cougars. The Eagles comfortably swept aside their opponents 81-74 to advance to the second round of NIT.

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However, the historic win for the Eagles wasn’t much fun for DJ Rodman, Dennis Rodman’s son and also the star player for the Cougars. The 21-year-old had a fantastic game, as he took matters in his hands for quite a while. The youngster led all the scorers in the first quarter with 13 points and continued to perform throughout the game. At one point, the Cougars were leading 60-51 with around 12 minutes left on the clock. 

However, all their efforts were trashed by the opposition and their star player Steele Venters, as he led the scoring with 27 points. 21-year-old DJ Rodman wasn’t far behind as he dropped 23 points in the difficult loss. Additionally, the youngster clocked in 39 minutes in the game, more than any player from both teams.


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Despite the loss, Rodman’s son should keep his chin up as he had an amazing game while fighting for the team’s spot in the tournament. Additionally, his improved performances this season will only prepare him for his future.


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DJ Rodman’s 2022-23 season indicates good things for the future

Despite starting his college season at a slow pace, DJ Rodman has gained speed with time. Although his numbers aren’t the best in college ball, his improvement has been remarkable. For example, he’s averaging the most minutes on his team, a sign of trust from the coaches.

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Additionally, the player has improved all of his stats in his fourth year at Washington State University. Rodman has many reasons to be proud of, as his son is also embracing excellence after his daughter Trinity Rodman.




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