Dennis Rodman’s 9 Day Marriage to Carmen Electra Was No Normal Affair: “Shut the Hell Up Before I Change My Mind”

Published 09/07/2022, 1:07 AM EDT

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It is arguably never a boring discussion when the subject is former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman. Rodman is undoubtedly one of the best defenders to have played in the league. But, Rodman’s off-court ventures have been quite interesting as well. Among them, the most talked about event would possibly be Rodman’s relationship with actress Carmen Electra.

On ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno‘, Dennis Rodman talked about his relationship with Electra and how they made the overnight decision to get married. The duo met after the former NBA player saw her on the cover of Playboy magazine. At the time, Electra was ruling the 90s, with several movies and TV shows in her bag.


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Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra’s tumultuous relationship

Rodman and Electra are both known to live a little on the wild side. The duo first met at a nightclub after she gave in to Rodman’s persistent calls. Evidently, they hit it off well.

“We exchanged numbers, and he would call and call and call. I wouldn’t respond. Finally, one day I picked up the phone and he invited me to come hang out with him and I went for it. I went in.” said Electra to Chicago Sun-Times.


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They started seeing each other regularly after that and it didn’t take long for them to fall for each other. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Electra said that Rodman had a romantic side to him and added that he liked to surprise her. And the couple undoubtedly had plenty of crazy stories to tell. From sleeping in the living room together to having s*x on the basketball court, the couple had done it all. They were so head-over-heels with each other that, after dating for several months, they decided to get married in Las Vegas on Nov 14, 1998.

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According to Rodman, the duo decided to get married at a chapel in Las Vegas at 6:30 in the morning. After getting turned down from five different places, Rodman and Electra finally get to a chapel. When the minister explained the importance of the wedding ring, Dennis told him to, “shut up and get on with it”.

“–and I’m like, you know, shut the hell up before I change my mind and get on with it,” said Rodman.


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Rodman files for annulment

After spending only nine days together as a married couple, Rodman filed for an annulment. The reason was that he was of unsound mind during the ceremony. According to PEOPLE, the two later reconciled and Electra was seen with Rodman during his announcement about him joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Apparently, the couple was happily married but living separately.

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After staying as a married couple for six months, Dennis and Electra mutually agreed to file for a divorce. According to POPSUGAR, early into the relationship, the former Baywatch actress had gone through a tough phase as she lost both her mother and older sister in a matter of two weeks. It is rumored that her impulsive decision to get married might have been fueled by that.

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