Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman is one of the more relevant and newsworthy NBA legends out there. Apart from doing interviews and sharing his stories from the NBA, he also does a number of reality TV shows. It is Rodman’s personality that everyone loves to watch. Fans always dig, watching Rodman doing his thing.

But it is not just fans who dig Dennis Rodman, but celebrities as well. Rodman has previously appeared on the popular show called, ‘The Apprentice’. There he was infamously fired by former US president Donald Trump.


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Dennis Rodman does not hold back wherever he goes

Rodman appeared in the latest season of the VH1 reality show ‘The Surreal Life.’ The show consists of a group of celebrities who live together in a mansion for two weeks. The episodes not only cover celebrities participating in various different activities but also the friendships and arguments they have had over the course of time.

Dennis Rodman appeared in season 7 of that show. And one of the celebrities he shared the mansion with was actor Frankie Muniz. Muniz is best known for his role on the sitcom, ‘Malcolm In The Middle.’

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Muniz shared his experience and stories of spending time with NBA legend Dennis Rodman. And while describing his time with ‘The Worm,’ Muniz said, “I saw way too much of Dennis Rodman’s dong.”

Frankie Muniz is 5’5 while Dennis Rodman is 6’7. Muniz admitted that he was at eye level with Dennis Rodman’s junk for the majority of his time during the show. Frankie seemed to take it in a light manner.

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The actor also said that his castmates along with himself were so inspired by Rodman’s omnipresent nudity that they ended up writing a song about it. The cast included CJ Perry, Kim Coles, 61, Tamar Braxton, August Alsina, Manny MUA, and Dennis Rodman.


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A song about Rodman and his manhood

Frankie said, “We made a song about Dennis Rodman’s dong and I hope that makes the show because that was really funny.” He also joked about how the song would be an absolute hit if it ever got officially released.

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Rodman and Muniz went on to form a great bond during their time on the show. The majority of the people mostly get to see a certain side of Rodman that the media highlights. But there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Rodman isn’t afraid to be who he is in front of people. And that might not sit well with some while some viewers might like it. But that is Dennis Rodman for you, folks.