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Despite Being NBA’s 2nd Most Popular Team, Charles Barkley Uses “Stupid” to Describe Under-Fire Franchise Amidst Finals

Published 06/06/2023, 3:38 AM EDT

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Old habits die hard. Who better to personify this than NBA legend Charles Barkley! Barkley has often caught flak for his unfiltered takes. Yet, Sir Charles powers through. In fact, over a decade ago, a comment once cost him his best friend Michael Jordan’s good faith, and they have been in the silent company of each other for over a decade now. The Round Mound of Rebound was at it again, delivering blunt takes on NBA’s second-most popular franchise as the NBA Finals action continues to mesmerize fans.

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Amidst the ongoing Finals between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets, the insights from legends of the game are even more valuable. Barkley took this time to berate another franchise that fell victim to the Miami Heat’s improbable run to the biggest stage in the NBA.

Charles Barkley fires shots at historic NBA franchise while praising Nikola Jokic


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The 2023 NBA finals are heating up as the games go by. Initially, the Nuggets took a 1-0 lead on the Heat after a phenomenal performance in Game 1. However, the Nuggets were pegged back by Miami as they snatched the home-court advantage from Denver. Nikola Jokic‘s great performances have aided the Nuggets through to their first-ever Finals. Additionally, the Serbian has earned the respect of the legends of the game.

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Recently, when Shaq and Chuck joined a panel to discuss the progression of the Finals so far, high praise was given to the Joker. Shaquille O’Neal and Barkley both agreed that he was a force to be reckoned with. While discussing the strategy to stop the 28-year-old, Barkley said that playing him one on one is a bad decision. Chuck then brought the Boston Celtics into the mix, only to insult them as a team. He said, “If you go back and look at the stupid Boston Celtics, they’re just gonna stand around and go one on one.”


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The Chuckster further compared the Nuggets to the Golden State Warriors and how both teams have a lot of ball and body movement. “That’s the hardest thing in basketball to guard. The hand movement and the body movement,” Barkley added. Nonetheless, fans couldn’t help but notice his dig at Boston amidst his praise for Denver. This wasn’t his first time labeling the Celtics stupid, however.

Sir Charles had a brutal take on ECF Game 7


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Barkley has taken a liking to slamming the league’s 2nd most-famous franchise. After the Celtics were getting blown away in the Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 at home, Barkley said, “Watching these dumba** Celtics play is making my head hurt…It’s so bad to watch them play. There’s no ball movement, no body movement, and it’s just so frustrating to watch a team with this much talent play stupid.”

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The Celtics went on to be embarrassed 84-103 in Boston, putting an end to a polarizing campaign. After roaring back from down 0-3 to tie the series, they were expected to finish the job, especially considering the pivotal game was at TD Garden. However, things didn’t pan out well for them and fans and analysts like Sir Charles thrashed the 17x NBA Champions for their performance.


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What are your thoughts on Charles Barkley calling the Celtics stupid again? Let us know in the comments below.

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