Despite Splashing $25K on a Wedding Dress and Taking Trips to Vegas, Dennis Rodman Felt “Suicidal” and Roamed Around in Old Clothes, Said Ex-Wife Annie in 1993

Published 11/01/2022, 4:06 PM EDT

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Dennis Rodman was an eccentric, hard-working character on the court who had an undying will to win. The five-time champion was able to express himself on the court. The tattoos and piercings all became a part of the NBA legend of ‘The Worm’. However, a young Rodman was much different. While with the Detroit Pistons, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year was quiet and in control. But when legendary coach Chuck Daly resigned as the coach, he hit a low in his life. And his ex-wife, Annie Bakes, could see the damage he had taken.

Rodman came into the league after a tough upbringing. Growing up without a father, he had no such figure in life. And after suffering harsh punishments from his mother, including being kicked out, the original ‘Bad Boy’ of the NBA was holding back a lot. Basketball became his escape. And Chuck Daley of the Pistons became a father figure to Rodman.


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However, the youngster didn’t understand the politics of the NBA. Hence, when Daley resigned, Rodman was left upset. In addition, his ex-wife Annie felt the changed aura of the Chicago Bulls legend when he came back to marry her again.

Ex-wife Annie details Dennis Rodman at his absolute low

Annie Bakes and Rodman locked eyes for the first time at a nightclub in 1987. Instantly falling for one another, the two began a relationship. She gave birth to the five-time champion’s first child, daughter Alexis. They tied the knot in 1991. However, in just two years together, their relationship came to a crash. Bakes was furious with Rodman’s behaviors and neglect towards their daughter.

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But Dennis Rodman didn’t want to lose her. And in 1993, still, at a low in his life, he came back. And this is when Bakes noticed a deteriorated Rodman.

She said: “This summer when he came to see me, he seemed suicidal.” Bakes continued, “He came here looking like a transient. He was in old clothes, he’d lost about 15 pounds, he couldn’t sleep. He had a designer design a $25,000 wedding dress for me, but he’d just been in Las Vegas with his girlfriend. Whatever Dennis Rodman can’t have, he wants.” 


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Despite the grand gestures, Bakes and Rodman didn’t reconcile. ‘The Worm’ spent two years with the San Antonio Spurs before a life-changing move. The second chapter of his NBA career began with his move to the Chicago Bulls. This time, Rodman was an eccentric, flamboyant and unapologetic soul. Tattoos, piercings, and various hair colors became his trademark.

However, what never changed was his relentless drive to win. He helped Michael Jordan and the Bulls win three consecutive championships in the late 90s. There is no doubt Rodman went through challenging times in his life. But he dealt with all the pain and agony in his way. Basketball played an integral part in his life at the time. And today, he goes down as an NBA Hall of Famer, and one of the most iconic personalities in the sport.


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