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“Did He Just Kanye, Riri?”: $1.7 Billion Superstar Rihanna’s Comparisons With Beyonce Gets Stephen A. Smith in a Tough Spot With Fans

Published 01/19/2023, 7:23 AM EST

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A recent take on renowned singer Rihanna from popular NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith has taken the internet by storm. Smith is known for his bold takes on players and teams that often land him in controversies. However, the NBA analyst still does not refrain from sharing his honest opinion. Recently, fans on the internet were shocked when Smith expressed his opinion on Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl halftime show on February 12. However, an astonishing comparison from the infamous analyst between $1.7 billion worth Rihanna and superstar singer Beyonce has created chaos among fans on Twitter.

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Smith recently made an appearance on the talk show ‘Sherri’, alongside popular TV host Sherri Shepherd for the promotion of his upcoming memoir ‘Straight Shooter’. During the conversations, Sherri Shepherd informed Smith about Rihanna’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl 2023 halftime show. Moreover, Shepherd asked the NBA analyst if he was excited about Rihanna’s performance. However, his divisive comparison left the audience losing their mind.

NBA analyst’s comparison lands him in trouble


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In his recent appearance on the Sherri talk show, Stephen A. Smith admitted that he was excited about Rihanna’s upcoming performance. Moreover, he stated, “Ladies and gentlemen! She is a lot of things. She is spectacular actually and congratulations on your new mamahood.” However, while talking about Rihanna, Smith laid out a comparison involving Beyonce that forced an apology from him after the show. The analyst said, “There is one thing she is not. She ain’t Beyonce!”

The comparison led to chatters in the audience who seemed to be left shocked by Smith’s comment. In response, Smith reckoned that the only reason he brought up Beyonce was that she had performed at the Super Bowl in recent times. 


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Meanwhile, Sherri Shepherd suggested that Beyonce had gotten her opportunity and now it was time for Rihanna to perform. However, the NBA analyst reckoned that Beyonce was on a whole different level in comparison with Rihanna and other female musicians. In addition, Smith also clarified that he supported Rihanna and had the utmost respect for her.

Elsewhere, the divisive comparison from Stephen A. Smith led to outrage among the fans on Twitter. One of the fans commented, “HOLD UP did he just Kanye, riri?”

Another frustrated fan took a dig at Smith by saying, “It’s not a fair comparison. I like to see riri on her musical comeback tour. SAS loves drama…”

Many fans appeared to be displeased by Stephen Smith’s comments about Rihanna as they expressed their concerns in the comments section. Here are some other reactions from the fans.

Moreover, Smith’s recent take on Rihanna riled up her fans, prompting a response from the NBA analyst to neutralize the situation.

Stephen A. Smith issues apology after shocking take Rihanna

In a recent Twitter post, Stephen A. Smith issued a clarification about his controversial comparison between Rihanna and Beyonce. While taking responsibility for his comments, Smith reckoned that he needed to be more careful about his words as he makes a living by speaking out his opinion. 


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Further, he stated, “I want Rihanna to know, you are a superstar, you are sensational, you are spectacular. You are no joke and you are a worthy person to be doing the Super Bowl halftime show.” The 55-year-old also pointed out that his comments came in response to the question he was asked by TV host Sherri Shepherd.


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