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Divorced Shaquille O’Neal Makes 4 Word Revelation on Getting Married Again After Several Dark Admissions on His Past

Published 05/13/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

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Ever since Shaquille O’Neal started his podcast ‘The Big Podcast with SHAQ’, he has been sharing his life experiences now and then. He doesn’t shy away from having a candid conversation about his relationships, marriage, etc. 

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In one of the latest episodes called ‘The Big AMA’ Nischelle wanted to play a game of “Ask Me Anything”. After Shaq agreed, she started firing her questions away one after the other. Nischelle wanted to see a vulnerable Shaq and proceeded to ask questions that could achieve that.

When Nischelle asked about his ex-girlfriends, Shaq admitted that he wasn’t ready to take criticism from his girlfriends when he was younger and would straight away tell them to leave after any. However, he said that he is no longer like that and that he’s grown.


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So Nischelle said that O’Neal has really evolved and pointed out that they might see him get married again. And he said, “Oh my god! No, no, no you are not… I don’t think so.” 

Then Spice said that he has a question for Shaq but proceeded to tell a “Yo mama” joke, in true Spice fashion. But the Big Diesel wasn’t impressed. 

Shaquille O’Neal chose life

Nischelle also asked whether there is someone that Shaq feels he missed out on from his ex-girlfriends. He replied that he feels like he missed out on not just one but a few. And Nischelle wanted to know who it was. 

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But the Lakers legend denied telling their names because they are married. He said that he feels he missed out on at least 3 or 4 of his ex-girlfriends. 


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Shaq then went ahead and shared how he messed up his relationships. He said, “…We come from nothing right. I got the opportunity to get it. Now I got the opportunity to get it, I got to get it all. I had to focus on that. Can’t focus on nothing else. I didn’t have time to focus on love…”


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He admitted he could have focused on love, but he chose to focus on his career. And said that he was constantly running to earn as much as he could. He said that a lot of people can’t focus on both and that he is one among them.

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Shaq said that he chose life over a romantic relationship. He clarified that he didn’t choose life over family. But he said that people who choose life end up getting divorced, and that is the reason a lot of athletes are divorced. 

Shaq said that he had to get that money to take care of everyone in the family because the opportunity he got was very rare.

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